Sleep Deprived

It’s too easy to lose sleep over the things that we lose.

We place blame, rationalize, and tell stories. We tell some wild stories.

None of it is helpful. Whether we have control or not, it is what it is.

That’s the realist part of it. Whatever happened has already happened.

The question is, do we have a choice to change it? 

→ If yes, then do we want to?

→ If yes, then do the work to lead us down that path.

If not, then why worry? It doesn’t mean we can’t be emotional, feel loss or grieve. It just means at some point we have to drop it.

We can’t continue to dwell in imagination.

As painful as it is, we must focus on being realistic.

Real to the moment and what is in front of us and then making good decisions going forward.

There’s no sense in looking back.

Not if it’s going to keep us awake with anxiety and worry. Because that compounds the situation.

Instead, think positively. 

Focus on the next step.

Life will be okay. In time, it always is.

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Fairytale Ending

We worry because we care. That’s human.

We might care about what might happen or about someone’s well-being or a myriad of other things.

Worrying is the act of suffering now for a future state we are unsure of.

It is based on stories we are making up in our heads.

It’s almost never helpful because worrying tends to trend toward the negative. Rarely are we making these stories up with a fairy tale ending?

We think it’s helpful to play the various simulations in our head, but more times than not, the stories don’t end up exactly as we planned them anyways. They almost never do.

We never truly know what happens until it happens.

We may not be able to fully stop our worrying but we might consider combating the negativity by creating a more positive outcome of that future state.

Something that moves away from doom and gloom and becomes more sunshine and rainbows.

Because if we’re going to fabricate a story of something that hasn’t happened yet wouldn’t it be better to give it a more optimistic plot twist?

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