Waiting Game

If we wait on others then we may be waiting a long time.

We must have the courage to forge the path ourselves and can’t hold up our journey for others that aren’t ready to begin.

Press on and lead. The journey can be lonely at times.

But sometimes we’ll be out in front, dropping the breadcrumbs to help others behind us. If there are others that live a similar ethos then they will soon travel along with us.

We might need to be the leader that they’ve been looking for. They might not have the courage that we’ve already formed.

All we can do is write our own story one day at a time and be a guiding light for others who may need it.

We can’t push them to travel along with us.

That’s always their choice.

Just like venturing out alone is always ours.

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Turn The Dial

If something is not working it may need a slight tweak versus breaking it down and rebuilding from scratch.

Like a guitar, it might just need some tuning versus buying a new instrument.

Reassess and Retool what you are doing and pivot the plan of action.

Turn what you already have into something more magical.

Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one.

Start there, and see where it takes you.

Turn The Dial2021-12-02T16:17:01-04:00
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