Sleep Deprived

It’s too easy to lose sleep over the things that we lose.

We place blame, rationalize, and tell stories. We tell some wild stories.

None of it is helpful. Whether we have control or not, it is what it is.

That’s the realist part of it. Whatever happened has already happened.

The question is, do we have a choice to change it? 

→ If yes, then do we want to?

→ If yes, then do the work to lead us down that path.

If not, then why worry? It doesn’t mean we can’t be emotional, feel loss or grieve. It just means at some point we have to drop it.

We can’t continue to dwell in imagination.

As painful as it is, we must focus on being realistic.

Real to the moment and what is in front of us and then making good decisions going forward.

There’s no sense in looking back.

Not if it’s going to keep us awake with anxiety and worry. Because that compounds the situation.

Instead, think positively. 

Focus on the next step.

Life will be okay. In time, it always is.

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Day Of Rememberance

On this day last year, do you remember what you were worrying about and losing sleep over?

Today’s worries will most likely be like that, eventually.

They’ll feel bigger at the moment but hardly make a dent in your memory.

Most are insignificant.

Accept that the worry will be there but be willing to let it go before it sours our mood and adds unnecessary stress to our life.

Because this too shall pass.

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A Chiseled Mind

Stress can eat away at us and cause pain and anger.

It can cause us to be depressed and make us believe we are spiraling downward.

But have we considered the “why” behind it all?

Are we juggling too much?
Are we prioritizing the wrong things?
Are we avoiding the obvious decision because it’s too painful?
Are we letting others’ voices tower over our own?

These questions can be important to think about when we start to feel the onset of negative emotions and feelings.

Oftentimes, we carry too much of a burden and it weighs us down.

We need to try and unload the unnecessary stuff and focus on the important.

Like an ice sculpture, it may start as a big block but the more it is whittled down it starts to form a beautiful shape.

When we become focused on what is important it can inform us on the decisions we should make.

That informs us where we should spend our energy.

Only then can we chisel away the excess to expose our masterpiece.

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Stressed Out

Stress: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances

Stress, in the general sense, is caused by our unwillingness to accept the situation we are currently presented with. 

If everything was going as planned we wouldn’t be stressed. We’d feel good and we’d probably be in control. 

The next time we feel the onset of stress we have to look at the situation that is transpiring and recognize that we may not be in control of something or someone. 

Life is always going to be a struggle and it’s when we can control our emotions when we can’t control the situation that we have the best opportunity to let the stress subside more quickly and deflate a highly intense situation. 

By being accepting of these adverse circumstances, we give ourselves a better chance to let the stress pass by without causing undue harm. The harm that can end up being worse off than what got us stressed out in the first place.

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