Is it about the eyeballs or the impact?

If we are looking for traction, we have to be careful with what sort of traction we are receiving.

It feels nice to get likes and comments. New followers make us feel like we are moving in the right direction.

But we have to be careful we don’t go down a slippery slope merely to get more eyeballs.

We have to wonder if those are the eyeballs we want.

Are they going to move the needle toward the impact we want to make or is the algorithm working in our favor this time?

If we’re not careful it becomes a constant loop of seeking attention. The hamster wheel doesn’t stop. We get burned out.

Instead, put together the work that makes us proud of the achievement even if there isn’t a crowd initially.

It’s not about quick wins, it’s about long-term stability and growth.

The right eyeballs show up because of consistency and creativity.

We are believable. We are in it for the long haul. Our mission is much bigger than ourselves.

We’re there to make an impact even if we don’t always get to see who it is impacting.

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Universal Dialect


EPISODE 75: Co- Founders, Sean Casey & Nick Costelloe

Sean Casey and Nick Costelloe Profile Headshot







Episode 75 is live and it features two of my new friends, Sean Casey and Nick Costelloe, Co-Founders of Universal Dialect. Sometimes you meet people that are just genuinely nice human beings and are always looking out for others in their actions. These guys are exactly that. They’re two of the good guys and so thankful for them being on the podcast and their hospitality during my visit up to the NYC/Hoboken area.

Topics we cover:

  • Mission of Universal Dialect
  • How the idea originated
  • How Nick and Sean met at college
  • Their travels
  • Quitting a job to pursue this passion
  • Splitting daily duties
  • Focusing and Managing time
  • …and much more

Find Sean & Nick Online:

Universal Dialect Website: https://universaldialect.com/

Universal Dialect Instagram: https://universaldialect.com/

Universal Dialect Email: Team@UniversalDialect.com

Sean Casey: https://www.instagram.com/seanycase/

Nick Costelloe: https://www.instagram.com/nickcostelloe

What We Do:

We love soccer. In fact, it’s our single greatest passion. While we’d love to play all day, every day, the game only lasts 90 minutes.

We make activewear that you’ll love to wear while you’re taking on the rest of life’s daily adventures.

Grab Life in all that you do, and pay it forward by helping kids play The Beautiful Game through our social mission.

Our “Why?”

Through our travels, we realized that the world has a unique problem – we consistently came across communities where people loved playing soccer, but they lacked the only necessary item to play: a soccer ball.

We started Universal Dialect as a way to help get soccer balls to less-fortunate footballers around the world. We eventually created a sustainable model to fund the giving through high performance activewear.


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