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Episode 104 of the Just Get Started Podcast welcomes Dr. Denise Gosnell, Chief Data Officer at DataStax. I truly enjoyed this interview and hope everyone gets some great takeaways and it helps open up their mind to data and how impactful it is on the world.

Here is the link to Kaggle, https://www.kaggle.com/, which is a website she discusses more about in the episode.

Congrats to Denise on publishing her new book The Practitioners Guide to Graph Data which has been ranked as a #1 New Release in the Artificial Intelligence category on Amazon.

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About Denise:

Dr. Denise Gosnell’s career centers on her passion for examining, applying, and advocating for the applications of graph data. She has patented, built, published, and spoken on dozens of topics related to machine learning, graph theory, graph algorithms, and applications of graph data across all industry verticals.

Dr. Gosnell earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee as an NSF Fellow. Her research coined the concept “social fingerprinting” by applying graph algorithms to predict user identity from social media interactions.


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