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Episode 58 features 4x Founder Nicolas Vandenberghe currently of Chili Piper, a buyer enablement platform for Sales & Marketing teams to better connect with their potential future clients. I really enjoyed the conversation a lot and especially the lessons Nicolas shared about the early stages of many of his companies, co-founding a business with John Sculley, having $42 million pulled out from under him, going against big competitors like Salesforce, and much more.

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Started selling newspapers in the streets of Paris in high school, studied Maths at Ecole Polytechnique then Business at Stanford GSB, started and sold 3 tech companies with up to 65 employees and $11M in revenues, ran Sales for a $2Bn telecom company negotiating billion dollar deals with companies like Google, now co-founder of Chili Piper – on a mission to create a new software category around Buyer Enablement – helping businesses help their buyers.

In my spare time I re-read the 27 chapters of “Neuroeconomics, Decision Science & The Brain” by NYU star professor Paul Glimcher, in the hope of bringing its findings to the science of Sales & Marketing.


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