The Golf Guy

If you asked me 15-years-ago I was going to be one of the best PGA Teaching Professionals in the country.

Golf was what I knew and it was the only thing I was highly excited about.

But we evolve and change our colors.

We don’t have to stay how we were.

One of the hardest points of my life was leaving the golf industry.

I was the “golf guy” in town and around my friend groups.

When you thought of Brian you thought about golf.

They were synonymous.

I was tied to that identity.

It was difficult to leave.

But I had to. I was being pulled in another direction.

When we become open to new ideas and expose ourselves to unique opportunities, although scarier and unknown, we can create a level of happiness we never could’ve imagined for ourselves.

It doesn’t mean you have to leave your career, friends, or spouse.

It doesn’t mean you have to do anything.

But if you are questioning where you are at at this moment in your life it’s not a bad thing to expose yourself to the question of “what if?”

What if I was willing to step into the unknown because it felt right?

What if I made better choices for what I wanted?

What if I learned new skills that interested me?

The next phase of our life may not look like our current one but we must make choices about what we want and choose a path leading in that direction.

Otherwise, we may waste years living an identity that doesn’t suit us any longer.

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Prisoner Of The Moment

We step up to bat in the bottom of the 9th.

At the goal line with seconds on the clock.

One putt away from victory.

These are the glory moments.

The ones that catch the attention of everyone. They are etched in our memories and in history.

But they are no more important than the first pitch, throw or tee shot.

Those count just as much.

They are just as critical to the outcome.

And that’s how we should focus our minds.

No more pressure on the last hit than the first. No more extra thinking or tooling to make it “perfect”.

Keep doing what has been working before. The outcome will be the outcome.

The more pressure we put on ourselves the more likely it is that we’ll tense up and overthink and perform poorly.

A better alternative is to stay focused on each attempt. The one right in front of us. And treat it the same as the ones before only with the added benefit of experience layered on top.

When the pressure is on, the question we might want to ask ourselves is “who is putting the pressure on us?”

We control how we react to the situation so we can determine how “big” of a moment we are making it.

The Greats know how to silence the crowd and shrink the moment.

How will we react next time we face a similar situation?

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