Prepare To Win

Nobody gets out of bed and runs a marathon without having run before.

There is always preparation.

→ We must study the course to know where the pitfalls might be.

→ We must focus on our nutrition weeks and months prior.

→ We must condition our bodies to handle the endurance

→ We must enhance our mobility in our legs and hips.

→ We must callus our minds to be ready on race day.

Don’t be fooled by the flowing stride and consistent pace of a runner.

It may look natural but they’ve been preparing for it longer than you can ever imagine.

Anyone who has done anything of relevance prepared for it through small, consistent, thoughtful motion over a long period of time.

There is always preparation to do the hard things.

All the more reason to start preparing today.

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Off To Work We Go

There are a lot of varying factors that go into the accomplishments of every successful person.

Hard work is a constant across all of their stories.

Tiger Woods wasn’t born to be a great golfer, he worked his ass off.
Dave Chappelle wasn’t born to be a great comedian, he worked his ass off.
Taylor Swift wasn’t born to be a great musician, she worked her ass off.
Elon Musk wasn’t born to be a great entrepreneur, he worked his ass off.

We’re not born with anything.

We must put in the work.

That’s one of the few things we can control to live a better life.

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Behind The Scenes

The magic happens behind the scenes.

When we see a cool video, listen to a podcast, watch a movie, or read an interesting novel, 99.9% of it was created without an audience.

To get where we want to go we have to put in the work we never have.

It’s in the prep work, the imagination, the restless nights, the crumbled-up piles of paper, and the emotional roller coaster.

Like in school, we need to show our work to get credit.

It’s no different with bringing our creations to life.

Only this time nobody else is watching.

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Danny Miranda is a lover of life and spends his time podcasting and writing. He is the host of The Danny Miranda Podcast, which aims to help him explore his curiosities and become a student of life. He has published more than 300 episodes in less than 2.5 years with some of the world’s greatest minds like Morgan Housel, Nik Sharma, Ben Bergeron, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sahil Bloom, Tom Bilyeu, and many more.


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We’re Talking About Practice

I want to talk about practice. Not the game, not the game we all love but practice.

Practice can be anything preparing us for the “game”. Thinking, reading, studying, and testing.

Getting uncomfortable.

Trying to imagine situations and getting ahead of them.

In practice, we break down a specific area and piece them together. We work on one aspect hard and then move on to another. There are also times when practice becomes a simulation of sorts. A run-through of an event that hasn’t taken place.

In the game, far too often we “wing it”. We show up unprepared for the conversations or the action we need to perform.

We think that just being there is enough. It’s not.

Being thoughtful about where we want to go can be the guidebook to prepare us for that journey. It can influence the things we do leading up to and during any situation.

But we have to be willing to put in the work. That’s how we make things feel fluid and easy. It’s all the hours of preparation prior to the game.

That preparation sets us up for success. That leads us to make better decisions at the moment.

Because we’ve already been preparing long before the moment arrived.

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System Failure

Some days we don’t have it all together. We are stressed and anxious and have a ton of responsibility to attend to.

Getting through those days seems like an endless chore. It’s tough to prioritize for the long term when we are putting out fires all over the place.

This is why our preparation becomes so vital to our long-term goals, attitude, and happiness. When we create systems for our good habits it helps us accomplish them even on the roughest days and in the most adverse conditions.

It’s not that we can’t miss every now and then but when we get away from our good habits for an extended period of time they become distant to us. We are out of rhythm. We can get lost and have a hard time finding that equilibrium again.

We need to start putting those in place now.

We schedule our work meetings, kids’ soccer games, dentist appointments, etc. Why not everything else critical to our mental and physical health?

Healthy eating
Date nights

It should all go on the calendar if we need it to. Then we can take a wide lens look at our day or week and work around it.

It’s not that things won’t come up and we have to alter our plans every now and then. It’s when it’s never a priority in the first place it falls through the cracks time and time again.

The system we’ve created becomes broken.

We wonder how we ever get anything done.

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Fools Rush In

Hurrying is a fool’s errand.

It means we were unprepared. We failed to anticipate obstacles and we had to rush to hopefully make up for those pitfalls. Potentially, that enters in more new obstacles or mistakes.

When we are always finding ourselves in a hurry, rushing to finish things, putting out fires, or “busy”, we must first have the awareness to look within at what we can control.

Although it’s easy to blame the outside world for meetings, extra work, or the lights that keep turning red it becomes much more powerful to recognize the control we have well before these even enter into reality.

Creating systems and rules to be better-prepared upfront can eliminate the need for countless “on the fly” decisions when we are behind.

Preparation can become one of the sharpest tools in your arsenal.

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Don’t Sleep On Preparation

In any planned first encounter, it can be highly important to spend some amount of time preparing. This can be true on a first date, an interview for a job, a podcast interview, etc.

First impressions are everything as they say. In our world, as it exists today, not preparing is lazy.

Years ago it was perfectly acceptable to take this approach because it might have been uber-difficult to search for any information. The people who went above and beyond and did some reconnaissance work prior often had the upper hand.

There is so much information available that starting at “square one” makes the person receiving our message or question feel like we don’t care as much. Like we didn’t put any work into this relationship. Like we are just treating them like another number.

That doesn’t fly anymore. We know less is more. High-quality conversations with high-quality people are what we are striving for. 

Next time, remember that the more we are prepared with knowledge on the person, company, or otherwise, we are getting a head start to help build confidence, connection, and respect on a much deeper level with the person on the other side.

And who knows, maybe they prepared for the conversation with you, too.

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