Pavlov’s Dog

We all know the Pavlov Dog experiment.

Ring the bell. A treat appears.

Ring the bell. A treat appears.

Ring the bell. A treat appears.

The dog is expecting the treat after the next bell rings.

It’s conditioned to. Just like we are.

When we are mistreated, abused, disrespected or discarded we start to form patterns in our brain that try to connect the dots with every situation we encounter.

We try to find similarities to prove it’s the same.

Our default is to think that it’s going to transpire again.

We have been conditioned for it.

This is where we have an opportunity for growth.

We can have a pattern interrupt.

We can shift our thinking.

Just because the old way didn’t serve us doesn’t mean it’ll always be this way.

Let’s outthink the dog. Let’s not be ready to pounce once we hear the bell.

With a new mindset our treat can become the thing we’ve always wanted.

But only if we are open to receiving it.

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Alternative Energy

Our view of the world not only shapes our mindset but can influence our decisions and actions every day.

Some see the opportunity while others see the obstacle.

Some see the beauty while others see the blemishes.

Some splash in the puddles while others curse the rain.

The world can be a dark and dangerous place if that’s how we choose to view it.

But there is always another vantage point if we are willing to embrace it.

It may not always be sunshine and rainbows but it certainly is better than the alternative.

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Breaking Glad

Positivity and optimism are central themes to a life of happiness. Putting our best work out there, being generous with our time, and taking care of others are all things we want to do because we know it helps the world become better and we feel better because of it.

But, sometimes we break down. We stumble. We fall. We don’t feel worthy enough and we want to hide.

It’s okay. Go hide, go cry, go shout, go punch a wall. Whatever we have to do to cope with life sometimes we have to do it. Sometimes that is leaning on others but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s being by ourselves and wallowing for a night or two or many.

But, then, we have to endure.

We have to build back stronger.

We have to be aware that whatever we may have gone through; the pain, the sorrow, the tragedy, it all makes us stronger. Enduring the pain and then rising up from it makes us know we can be whole again.

We now know what it’s like to hit rock bottom and resurface. We know what it’s like to feel like we have no way out. But, we found a way.

Or we will find a way. We have to.

Because that courage to fight another day is a gift to the world. It’s an offering to those that haven’t gotten to the level of our despair before and may need to be shone the light when they get into the depths of hell. When they feel there is no way out. When they don’t have the courage we might have.

Use that energy and shine a beam of light forward for others to follow.

We’ve learned the lessons. We’ve earned the courage. Now it’s time for us to create some action and do good with it. For others and for ourselves.

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