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Episode 88 features the Founder of Wilder Supply Co., Rick Wilder. Had such an unbelievable conversation with Rick about how he got all the way from Alabama to Alaska and how his love for aviation helped him get there. This is such a great story that you are never too old to take a chance on yourself and discover new adventures if you have a work ethic and drive to do better.

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Website: www.wildersupply.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/wildersupplyco

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wildersupplyco

About Rick:

Our journey began with a simple idea and a compelling passion.

In the 1990s while working as an air-traffic controller in Alaska, Rick Wilder discovered a growing aspiration to form a community of people who were driven by a mutual desire. That was, to restore the fading concept of the multi-generational, family-owned and operated small business. Over twenty years later, Wilder Supply, Co. has become the embodiment of that exact ambition. We function as a small community here on the Farm and esteem each member, endeavoring to uphold our community’s standards and values. As individuals, we are equally devoted to our common passions of spiritual purpose, community, Wilder Supply, and simple and organic living. These concepts form the foundation of our company and bind us together as a family and as a business.

As true-life Off-Grinders, we have come to prize our land and the resources naturally available to us. We make it a personal creed to be effective stewards and managers of each acre of land on our farm. In part of maintaining an organic and simple lifestyle, when possible we utilize what is locally available to provide food, heat, water, and power for our community. In our daily lives, we are dedicated to living in harmony with the land and concern ourselves deeply with everything we put in, around, and on our bodies. Our way of life has fueled our company’s mission to harvest products that are both nourishing to the body and are correspondingly enjoyable. We would not dare provide a product that we, ourselves, would not and do not use and love.

On the Farm, we uphold the view that life is a journey and find great joy in experiencing every step of our path as a community-based company. We truly value each day we live and strive to embrace life’s adversities and propensities. This perspective challenges us to be an energetic, creative workforce and find positive aspects in all seasons and situations. We make it a goal to confer this outlook into the quality of our products and services as we build relationships with our friends and customers.

Wilder Supply is not just a business, but the concept of a movement; a movement to change the way family businesses are conducted and to spur others on to form thriving communities around the world. We invite you to participate in the movement by forming a lasting partnership with us. We promise to not only produce exquisite products but to exemplify the type of family business that will make you proud.

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