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Episode 63 features the Founder of Ciaooo! Magazine, Chau Mui. I met Chau at the Next Gen Summit in NYC a couple months back and was blown away by her experiences and intellect as well as her eagerness to continue learning and adapting. She’s had quite a journey thus far and we had a fun time exploring some of her early years and how that helped her evolve into the business woman she is today.

Some topics discussed were:

  • Growing up in Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • Dumplings, a lot of dumplings
  • Dropping out of college to try to be a actress/film maker
  • Traveling to Machu Picchu (What the sky could’ve looked like at night –
  • and the inception
  • and much more….

I know you all will enjoy Chau’s cool experiences and fun personality and I’m sure there’ll be a few acorns you can burrow away for later on in your own journey.

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About Chau:

Chau Mui is a native New Yorker and the founder of ciaooo! Magazine. Prior to founding the NYC based editorial site and events company, Chau was a documentary filmmaker, travel blogger, and former college dropout. Her travels and writing have taken her on a cross country roadtrip living out of the car across 38 states in the US, and backpacking mostly, solo, through 25 countries around the world. 

She spent the last 7 years in advertising where she cut her teeth in the digital content world with some of the top production companies and directors in the world. Her goal is to showcase local, mom and pop shops and serve as a platform for diverse, up and coming talent in NYC. You can follow her at @ciaooomag on Instagram or sign up for the newsletter at 


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