A “nudge” might be all we need to help push the boulder in our way to the side.

That happened to me during a CrossFit workout recently.

I had taken off several days and could feel that I hadn’t fully gotten my endurance back. This workout was exhausting for me.

With the time cap a few minutes away, I didn’t think I’d finish. I had hit a mental blockade and resigned myself to the fact that it was okay to slow down and coast into the finish.

And then one of my fellow peers stepped in who had already finished.

He pushed me from one movement to the other. He counted me down. He held me accountable.

I finished in the allotted time.

I was capable of it but I mentally exhausted the effort that I could do it.

And that’s when the support of others is crucial.

They know your best.

They know what you are capable of.

They won’t let you sell yourself short.

We can’t do it all alone. Sometimes the belief in ourselves comes from the belief that others have in us.

We must be open to that encouragement and use that energy to push us farther ahead.

It’s a slight nudge while we are on the swing.

That one small push can be exactly what we need to keep the momentum going.


Fresh Start

Nothing happens until you start.

No experience.

No learning.

No failure.

No nothing.

If we keep it up in our heads or push it aside for one more day it only eats at us like a dead carcass rotting in the road.

Slowly and painfully until we hate ourselves for it.

Regret creeps in and it adds stress to our lives.

We have to do ourselves a favor and start.

It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect.

It just has to be what we want to do.

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Just Do It

Nothing that is going to be worth it, in the long run, will be easy to start today.

So if you’re wondering if should you do it or not, the answer is an emphatic YES!

Because here’s the thing, what’s the worse that could happen?

Most likely it will end up less painful than the regret you’ll feel from not making the attempt.

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Wait But Why?

I used to be the “I’ll get started on Monday” type.

I became the “just get started now” type.

That single mindset shift changed my life.

I promise it’ll change yours, too.

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Swinging Into Action

Starting always takes energy, lots of energy. No matter what it is.

I was watching my son on the playground swing the other day and it reminded me of this fact. When you start on the swing it is very labor-intensive, assuming you are doing it yourself. You have to work back and forth to build up the speed and intensity to keep it going.

And then, at some point, it sort of just flows. We don’t have to fight it as much.

There is a lesson somewhere hidden in there.

We put a lot of decisions and contemplation on the table when trying to start something. Maybe there is a game plan we think we need to put into place. We might even have to juggle a schedule and “find” the time. There is a lot of energy expelled.

We are constantly trying to put all of the pieces together prior to starting something that we forget that the act of starting, the sheer process of putting one foot forward, is enough.

We don’t have to figure it all out on day one nor should we want to. Things will flow more smoothly and the momentum to create will build each and every time we put practice into whatever we are trying to go after.

Of course, there will be obstacles, but we have to let those naturally come into the mix as we progress versus creating artificial blockades right out of the gate.

If we start creating great energy from the onset we’ll be in a better flow state sooner with an increased chance to keep the momentum moving us forward.

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Next Gen and Chill


I was sitting on a weekly “Community Coffee” Zoom call that the Next Gen group puts together weekly led by Rachel Gross, the Next Gen Director of Community. It’s an open forum for members to show up and have a collective discussion about almost anything. As we were having a debate around what people are doing to grow themselves, both personally and professionally, it reminded me of just how powerful a community Next Gen is. Here I was, around a mix of people of all different backgrounds, ages, and experiences but with the same common vision in mind – to surround themselves with a support system of like-minded people that are enthusiastic and inspired to change the world for the better.

I’ve been fortunate in many areas of my life for the opportunities that have come my way both as lessons learned from tough times or luck that just happened to work out in my favor.

One of those “luck” moments was the serendipitous introduction to Justin Lafazan, Co-Founder of Next Gen, to be a guest on my Just Get Started Podcast. Thanks, Bryan Wish for the intro!

Fast-Forward 18-months and the connections and life-long friends I have made from that single encounter could not be put accurately into words or probably an equivalent dollar amount.

I was able to attend their Next Gen Summit event in June of 2019, their signature event for their group of entrepreneur members, which totals in the thousands.

I’ve met countless Podcast guests through there, mentors, friends, and even have had the chance to provide guidance to members in need.

One member, in particular, Rich Keller has focused my mind on understanding who I am and the mission I have in life and has helped me discover my One Word, Navigator, which has been a key to defining that purpose.

Other members, Sean Casey and Nick Costelloe, Founders of Universal Dialect, have become fast friends and always have a couch for me to crash on when I visit NYC.

And Chau Mui, Founder of Ciaooo! Magazine has become a great friend where we can be a sounding board for one another with advice while always having the best intentions for the other in mind.

I have dozens of these examples from being a part of this group.

Throughout our lives, we come into new groups and leave old ones. We spend a little time with some and a whole bunch of time with others. We all have reasons for joining certain groups or being attracted to certain situations.

Mine was a community.

I haven’t had many great support systems in my life. Growing up as a middle child and having low self-esteem, I had a hard time fitting into a lot of groups and didn’t have a ton of friends growing up. As I got older and started to find my voice I found the best group of friends anyone could ever ask for. Guys that are still my friends 20 years later. But, as I started to venture into the entrepreneurial waters and tap into my mission in life, I was looking for a new support system, one that looked a lot different than any group I’d ever been a part of before. The Next Gen group appeared to be that fit I was looking for, even as an older Millenial like myself.

My expectations have been exceeded.

From their member-driven Facebook group, to live interviews with well-known Founders, to being one email or message away from making a warm connection to anyone, these folks have the goods.

Full Disclosure, this post was originally slated to be about great support systems, and maybe there was a flavor of that, but it’s also turned into a Next Gen Pep Rally of sorts, which I’d be leading the marching band in. The momentum behind this group, led by Founders Justin Lafazan and Dylan Gambardella, is unreal and I’m so thrilled to be a part of the next phase of Next Gen as we come out of these unprecedented times and into a “new start” filled with optimism, innovation, and gratitude; all key characteristics of the Next Gen group.

I’d encourage anyone looking for a new support system in their lives, has the drive to do great things, and has the “go-giver” mentality, to look towards Next Gen as a place for you.

Go check out their website here:

Hope to see you at the next Community Coffee!

Carpe Diem,


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Find The “Chip On Your Shoulder” 


I believe anyone that ever wants to accomplish great things has a “chip on their shoulder”. I don’t see how you can’t in such a competitive world we live in. We all get slighted or past over from time to time and that should motivate anyone I would think. It definitely motivates me.

I was thinking about this recently while watching the wonderful docuseries on ESPN called “The Last Dance” chronicling the Chicago Bulls Dynasty with a focus on Michael Jordan and their 6th and final championship in that historic run.

There are many instances where we see Michael Jordan use his surroundings to fuel him when needed whether a news story, a player from the other team or his own team. He found ways to keep motivating himself to push forward. I believe in a way we all do this and we may not readily admit it but I think it can be extremely beneficial to our future growth. As long as it not used in any malicious or hurtful way, I think having it inside us to pull out when needed is vital.

I was thinking about this personally as it relates to growing my Podcast or personal brand. Very few people know who I am and what my mission is in life and fewer than that actually care.  That’s fine with me now but there was a time when I was insecure and needed the attention.

That dates back to my childhood and many of the struggles I went through in my family life and upbringing with the feeling I was never good enough or could never feel included in almost anything. That took a long time to overcome (still working on it in some ways!) and it was important for me to get attention, any attention, in order to feel I had self-worth.

And that’s where I’ve used the “chip on the shoulder” mentality to help me. I use that fuel from all of the years of being slighted, or laughed at, or not thought of as worthy of anything. It drives me to want to produce a better Podcast, or write better books, or continue to share my story. 

I’m not sure what your past was like or the moments in time you felt less of a person or were treated as such but don’t let those moments die off into a distant memory. Although sometimes difficult, with the right mindset you can use those moments to refuel yourself and keep adding logs to the fire when you find your motivation wavering. I have certain memories cornered away in my mind to use when needed and it’s made a big difference. There was a lot of pain I had to overcome from earlier in life and proving myself over and over again is just something that drives me. 

We are often told to let go of the past and move on but unless you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth and never had problems then I think those painful lessons you experienced should go to good use and become the “chip on the shoulder” material that you can use to reshape your mind and grow to new heights.

I’m not sure what you want to do in life but just know you can do great things, you truly can, with the right mindset and perspective on the world. Keep driving toward your mission and the impact you want to have on this world and I hope you continue to stay obsessed with changing the world in a more positive way.

Thanks for reading,


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