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Episode 94 features Michela Ricci, Founder, and Owner of the Early Bird Phx, a mobile coffee and specialty beverage shop that you can find all around the greater Phoenix area.

Find Michela Online:

Website: earlybirdphx.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/earlybirdphx




Twitter: https://twitter.com/EarlyBirdPHX

About Michela

Michela Ricci has been called the human version of an iced coffee, so it is fitting that she runs a mobile coffee business. 

Michela, a Phoenix native, launched The Early Bird PHX in 2018. Driven by the idea of running her own business, Michela figured what better way to do so than by providing excellent service, quality local coffee, and a friendly face to help others start their day.

With her trailer in tow, Michela’s mission includes creating exceptional experiences as well as tasty drinks. She takes great pride in serving her hometown community & feels grateful to be able to do so.


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