Sharp Left Turn

When many people are following the crowd one way, it’s okay to turn the other way down the dark alley and start on your own path.

Just because the masses are doing one thing doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you.

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Mission Critical

We can’t forget about the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

We may will stumble.
We may will get passed by others.
We may will have to veer off-course.

But don’t forget about our goal.

When it feels like we are slugging along, we must keep moving.
When we feel like we are the only ones running uphill, we must keep moving.
When we feel like we are questioning our every decision, we must keep moving.

If the journey is worth it then so is enduring some pain to get there.

While we are focused forward there may be others behind us, using our guidance and direction as a beacon of light, maybe one of hope, helping them along when they feel defeated and weak.

We have to believe we can be a light in the darkness.

We have to believe our mission is worth it.

We have to believe.

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An Inch To Go A Mile

We might convince ourselves that the next “life hack” or shortcut will get us to the next level quicker or that speeding up and working harder will be the key to our success.

I’m not sure that is entirely true. 

Have you ever been driving and seen someone fly by you, weave in and out of cars, and get in what appears to be the fastest lane only to end up right next to you at the next stoplight? Or, even worse, those actions to maneuver cost themselves much more by getting into an accident.

We have to understand ourselves and where our “north star” is pointing us to help set the tone for our daily work and future plans. Just because others appear to be going faster or are more accomplished doesn’t mean we have to be doing the same thing they are.

The quicker that we accept that consistent work over an extended period of time is what ultimately drives us to a happier and more fulfilling life, the sooner we can avoid the pitfalls of cutting corners and trying to make ourselves feel like we are accomplishing things. In reality, it may be holding us back from the generous work we really want to be focusing on and putting out into the world.

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