Luke Skywalker had Obi Wan Kenobi

Harry Potter had Dumbledore

Neo had Morpheus

Froto had Gandolf

Who is the guide that has always shined the light on the path when you needed it the most?

Throughout my life, no matter what, it’s always been my older brother, Nick.

As much as we bickered and fought as kids, I can’t think of another single human being who is there for me when I need help.

The person who cares deeply about my well-being even though he hides it well (anyone with an older brother knows what I’m talking about )

The person who offers guidance that I understand.

The person that calls me on my bullshit.

I’m grateful my brother and I have a close relationship.

I’m grateful we’ve been able to bond on a deeper level.

I’m grateful that we get to see each other often.

I didn’t ask to have a “guide” on my journey but I’m grateful for the one that showed up.


Energy Field

We never know when new people are going to enter our world. Think of close friends, a mentor, maybe a spouse or significant other.

There was one day we never knew who they were. We didn’t know we needed them. Until we felt that spark of energy.

We’ve all felt it. We’ve all had it. We all want to feel it again.

We’re not sure what it is exactly. We can’t explain it. But that shared energy field is around us. It pulls us in. We can’t resist. We can’t look away.

It’s special because we all meet thousands of people throughout our lives. But only a few stand out above the rest.

Why are there a select few that take up a majority of our headspace?
Why are there only so many that we invest time in?
What is it about them that’s so special?

When we find that connection it’s important to remember that we have to work at keeping it up. Our environment changes things. Life events change things. Things won’t always be how they’ve been.

If that connection is valuable then we must keep working to make it stay strong.

We must keep finding the time.
We must keep showing up.
We must keep putting energy into it.

Because it won’t fuel itself.

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