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In Episode 19 I get a chance to talk sales with one of the most well sought out after Sales Trainers out there, John Barrows.

John has provided sales training and consulting services to some of the world’s fastest growing companies like, Google,  LinkedIn, DropBox, and many others. His previous experience spans all aspects of Sales at every level from making 400 cold calls a week as an inside sales rep to a VP of Sales at his first start up that was sold to Staples.   

He’s an active sales professional who has learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work in Sales and loves sharing the tips and techniques he has found to have had an impact along the way. His main goal is to improve the overall education and quality of Sales by sharing ideas and techniques that work.

In this episode I get to talk with John about his upbringing and how he came about to become a sales trainer, insight for sales professionals and how they should look at their careers, and one of the biggest differences between top performing sales professionals and the rest.

Links / Quotes in Episode:

12 Guiding Principles of Sales Success eBook

“The Creative Curve” by Allen Gannett – Link to Amazon

“The Unfair Advantage: Selling with NLP” by Dr. Duane Lakin – Link to Amazon

The Acronym Him and His Daughter Discuss Every Day – E.A.T – Effort, Attitude, and How to Treat People

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“Make It Happen” Facebook Group –

Website –

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