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We lost the great John Madden at the end of 2021 and it made me reflect on the impact we can all make, not by being an “influencer” or by showing off but just by living life to the fullest and respecting those around us.

John Madden, from what it appeared, was beloved by many because of how gracious he was with his time, how much passion he put into his work and the people he was around, and how he enjoyed it all.

Life can get overcomplicated and we can overwhelm ourselves with things that don’t end up mattering at all. We add unnecessary stress and anxiety where it’s not needed.

Do what John Madden might have done.

Go to the chalkboard.

Go back to the Xs and Os and the foundation of it all.

Keep it simple.

Be kind to people.
Make the most of each moment and each encounter.
Create a positive outlook on life as things could be much worse than they are.
Push yourself to try new things and tackle new obstacles.
Live your happiness, not anyone else’s.

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This is Us

It’s easier to point fingers and make a blanket statement that “______ has to change” and all will be better.

But the harder thing to do is to accept that it starts inside of us.

Kindness breeds kindness.
Acceptance breeds acceptance.
Love breeds love.

It always starts there.

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I Want It That Way

If you’ve come across this blog then chances are with all the hardships in life yours isn’t that bad.

Chances are you have access to high-speed internet or 5G.

Chances are your phone was made sometime in the last handful of years and would be considered “smart”.

Chances are you have warm clothes on if there is a hint of a crisp morning outside.

Chances are when you arrive at work today it’ll be in the car you drove in or just a short few steps away from where you rolled out of bed.

Chances are, if you have kids, when you drop them off at school you are almost certain without worry you’ll pick them up safe and sound in the afternoon.

There is a good chance that your life (and mine) is a heck of a lot easier and more comfortable than a large majority of the world’s population. Probably 99% of it.

Yet, with that comfort also comes a barrier.

A barrier to let things go, seemingly meaningless things, that have almost zero effect on our lives.

A barrier to be patient and wait our turn instead of getting frustrated and causing a scene.

A barrier to thinking about how lucky we are to be in this position in the first place and cherish the hand we were dealt.

A barrier to enduring discomfort. Something the majority of the world has to live with every day.

We are fortunate for the opportunities we have and it’s important from time to time to call those out, head-on, in order to help us lead lives worth meaning and purpose instead of complaining and finger-pointing.

There are greater tragedies in life and many of them we are grateful to never have to think about.

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Winning Formula

Cutting people down is counterproductive. 

By encouraging people to do their best, they can actually move faster and freer. Inevitably, that might end up being a motivator for us to find our next gear if we needed it. 

Kindness is a win-win.

It’s not a weakness.

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A Smile Can Go Miles

I tell my son to “Make someone smile today” when I drop him off at school.

The easiest way to enact a positive change in our life is to positively change someone else’s life.

A smile can have ripple effects far greater than we know.

Who are you going to make smile today?

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Recognize Your Power

We all want to be recognized so as we are waiting for our recognition we need to make a point to recognize someone else; cheer for their accomplishment, send a quick hello, give them a simple 🙌 emoji.

The littlest things go a long way in making someone else feel appreciated and needed in this world.

In a world where we are always getting shown the darkest moments in the news, remember we can be a light that shines on the goodness there is in the world.

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