The people that inspire us were making it up as they went along.

They didn’t have it figured out either.

They were distracted.
They were depressed.
They were cruel to themselves.
They wanted to quit many times.

What inspires us is that they stuck with it through all of the shitty moments.

We don’t admire them because they did something great.

We admire them because they did something.


Virtual Reality

If you’re struggling to start, find a “virtual mentor” to be your guide. It doesn’t matter who it is.

Who is someone you look up to and admire that inspires you to be better?

For Joe Rogan, it was Sam Kinison.

For Billie Eilish, it was Avril Lavigne.

For Kim Kardashian, it was Jennifer Lopez.

Let them be your motivator if you’re stuck.

At some point, they had to start, too.

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10-Year Old Wisdom

As a parent, I’m constantly amazed. Yes, this is a proud dad post but it’s a lesson we all can take.

Cliffs Notes: I noticed my son loving musicals and encouraged him to watch/listen more. He recently started Musical Theatre classes and he knows every word to the show Hamilton so he wanted a hat and outfit to look like Lin-Manual Miranda’s character in the broadway show.

At school, they had a “play day” to bring in a toy to play with in the class. He wanted to bring his hat and he wrote this note as a reminder.

So what, right?

Read the last line of his note.

Why not?

I didn’t know a 10-year-old could have that much perspective.

Why not?

What’s the worst that would happen?
Why can’t we do the things that make us happy and show our best selves to the world?

I smiled reading that note. Who am I kidding, I shed a tear, as well.

What can we all take from this?

Why not…
Start that hobby.
Start that business.
Ask that person out.
Show up as you are.
Forge your own path.
Believe you are good enough.

It’s a powerful question we should be asking ourselves daily.

The old saying “be the change you want to see in the world” starts with one question.

Why not?

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The Writing On The Wall


We all need an “Accountability Mirror” to look ourselves straight in the face and force us to deal with our shit, whatever that happens to be at the time.

That mirror for me happens to be my bathroom mirror. I get to glance in it many times a day and it offers up a lot of brutal honesty especially when I’m down on myself. 

But I’ve added a layer to it that has helped me get through the troubled times when my confidence is starting to lack and the “Imposter Syndrome” rears its ugly head.  I’ve added words in the form of questions.

I’ve written these two questions in dry erase marker that I have no choice but to look at every time I’m in there.

Question #1: Why can’t it be you?

I get down on myself a lot. Most of it stems from my childhood, but that story is for another day, and some of it is that I’m just a “late bloomer” and although I’ve had a ton of experiences and learning lessons along the way, I have to continue to kick myself to believe that I alone can make an impact in the world. Even though my mission is clear I still tend to question myself every once in a while.  

This question kicks me in the pants and “gets in my face” about why anyone else would be better suited to tackle the mission and change the world than I would. It pushes me away from the comfort zone and reassures me that although there are a lot of unknowns, on the other side of fear is the fulfillment I’ve been looking for. Keep moving forward

Question #2: Why am I here?

This question came from reading (listening to the audiobook) of “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. He was on the beach at the Naval Base in Coronado where they ran through the infamous “Hell Week” of Navy Seal Training. Goggins went through three of them.  As he faced physical exhaustion and his mental fatigue was on the edge as well he muttered this question to himself, “Why I am here?”. He recounts many times throughout his journey after that where he uses this question to check himself and remind himself how far he has come and why he made all the sacrifices to get to this point. He certainly puts in more eloquently.

I use this question to pull me back into reality when I start reverting back to old habits or old ways of old thinking. Just because you’ve accomplished certain things, physically or mentally, doesn’t mean the demons can’t come back. They will and you never know when they will show up. This question is a constant reminder of what I am trying to accomplish and all of the struggles I’ve gone through to get to this point.  There is a reason I am here and it’s because I’ve put in the time and effort and I can’t let a few moments of regression get me down.

These two questions have been a staple in my mirror for almost 12 months. I have no reason to take them down and I don’t want to. I want a reminder. I want the reflection looking back at me constantly. If motivation is on one level then regret is on a whole other tier above it. I certainly don’t want that so these questions check me at the door and help me stay focused on where I am going.

What do you use at motivation or the driving force to keep moving forward?

Please send me a note or message me on social and I’d love to hear!

Carpe Diem,


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Lindsey Schwartz

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Episode 31 features the Founder of PowerHouse Women, Lindsey Schwartz.  Lindsey is the exact type of person that this podcast is geared toward.  Someone that wanted to make a change and had a different purpose in their mind then what they were doing at the time and decided to take the first step.

Her passion is breathtaking and wonderful to see how she has progressed her mission over the last few years and excited to see how she impacts the world in the future.

Find Lindsey Online:



Her Book – Powerhouse Woman – How to get out of your own way, fulfill your unique purpose, and live a powerful life

About Lindsey

The Powerhouse Women event and online community were born out of the belief that women are designed to create, and that when women get into action around their big ideas, the world works better (because it does!)

Founder Lindsey Schwartz is a wellness entrepreneur and best-selling author of Powerhouse Woman: How to get out of your own way, fulfill your unique purpose, and live a powerful life. After seeing numerous women in her life stop short of pursuing their own entrepreneurial dreams because of fear and self-doubt, she saw the need for more honest conversations about the ups & downs of entrepreneurship in order to show women that they don’t have to have it all together to get started.

From there, the Powerhouse Women community, annual event, and podcast were born, with the motto that we’re not meant to do business (or life) alone!

Join the #GirlGang and attend an upcoming event by visiting


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