Safe Bet

You’re not where you want to be because you don’t have a clue of where you want to go.

It doesn’t mean you’ll ever get there or that the path can’t change but long-term thinking informs short-term decision making.

If you’re spinning your wheels, get out and smell the roses.

→ The riskiest thing you can do is be safe

Envision the life you want to live up ahead.

That will make it easier to take the next step.

Getting off zero is your goal.

It’s your only goal.

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Imagination Sensation

What happens to our imagination as we grow older? I’m sure scientific discoveries may point to a particular time in our brain’s development but I’m always curious how much our society has to play in this.

Is it parenting? Our education systems? Or nutrition? Or other factors?

Why do some of us continue to have our imagination and our sheer wonder of things well into adulthood when many others block it out and rarely recreate those childhood feelings?

Having a vivid and wild imagination can create some of the most ingenious things and help our world progress further ahead, in a positive direction, for generations to come. It can make us more creative and unlock the potential for happiness. It can help us question our surroundings and develop our purpose.

I’m wondering how we could tap into that more often and have it “on-demand” versus locking it away for only special occasions.

I’m just curious.

Our imaginations can be a wild and freeing thing.

I thought it might be something we could all ponder for a bit today.

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