Death Eaters

Does it scare you? Thinking about death.

In our storied history, it’s the only thing that is pitching a perfect game.

We can be scared of it or we can embrace it.

Embrace it for what it does for us.

It gives us urgency.
It gives us meaning.
It gives us perspective.

In whatever life we have left to breathe we have a chance to make a difference to those around us, for the future, for those that might need it.

The time is now. The clock is ticking.

What are we waiting for? Permission.

It’s up to us if we want to get out of our seats and head over to the dance floor.

The clock will strike midnight.
The song will come to an end.
We’ll have our last dance.

We don’t need permission to get out onto the dance floor.

We just have to start moving.