Continuous Effort

We should never beat ourselves up for trying. That becomes futile.

We should be kind and generous to ourselves.

We should be okay will failing spectacularly.

We should be accepting of our faults.

Then, we should start again.

Continuous Effort2022-10-09T19:47:00-04:00

The Silence of Generosity

We don’t have to overthink generosity. It can be a smile as you pass someone in the street or a random act of kindness to someone in need.

There doesn’t have to be a reward or recognition for generosity to exist. It exists because it’s pure and the intent behind it is truly selfless.

Generosity, on a much less discussed scale, can be about the things we don’t say and the actions we don’t perform.

As Jeff Bezos said on advice he learned from his grandparents, “It’s easier to be clever than it is to be kind.”

Sometimes kindness can be those words we never speak and they end up being the most generous gift we can give someone.

The Silence of Generosity2021-05-16T22:02:41-04:00
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