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Episode 78 features the Founder of, Nathan Hirsch. Nathan has a neat story of seeing a gap in the textbook re-selling market and growing an Amazon business and then deciding to use a problem he saw with hiring freelances for that business to create a freelancer marketplace called

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My name is Nathan Hirsch and I am the Founder and CEO of FreeeUp, a marketplace connecting business owners with the top 1% of virtual assistants, freelancers and agencies in eCommerce, digital marketing, web development, and much more.

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In 2006, I founded my first online venture out of my college dorm room, selling and buying student textbooks. I rapidly scaled my e-commerce business, bootstrapping from a $20 student – cause initiative to a multi-million dollar e-tailer clocking in revenues in excess of $25 million on Amazon across a 6 year period while serving over 10,000 customers. But I always had one problem. It took me way too long to find talent.

I built FreeeUp to address the frustrations I had. FreeeUp receives hundreds of freelancer applicants each week to join the marketplace. We interview and vet them, take the top 1% (based on skill, attitude and communication), and make them available to our clients quickly whenever they need them. On the backend, we have 24/7 support to make sure people have a good experience. Lastly, we have a no turnover guarantee covering replacement costs if the freelancer ever quits. We work with thousands of business all over the world.

Honesty, integrity, ethics and superlative customer experience have always been the four professional cornerstones of my success.


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