Spring Back

Go deep to spring into new heights.

One technique that is taught to kids during swimming lessons is to sink to the bottom in order to spring yourself up to the top. 

It sounds counterintuitive but sometimes going deeper gives us leverage. 

The same can be said for handling emotions. 

The mistake we often make is avoiding or distracting ourselves from the feelings we are witnessing. This causes a longer tail of stress and often starts to weigh down other areas of our life. 

Instead, be willing to go deep and feel all the feelings. 

Although difficult, it helps make the suffering short lived. 

We let it out of us and start to accept where we are and where we need to go. 

It doesn’t mean it’s solved, it means it has become manageable. 

When in doubt, don’t flounder near the surface. 

Go deep and propel yourself toward a new way to breathe in life.

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The Heartbreak Kid

Heartbreak is one of the worst human feelings we can experience.

It ravages us deep down at our core.

But we should be grateful we get to experience it at all. It means we had the highest of highs, with wonderful moments and pleasant memories.

We felt the full spectrum of emotions from heart-bliss to heart-break.

We’ve reached the pinnacle of our emotions.

It makes us want to get back there.

It makes us want to become better.

It makes us want to make others better.

This time didn’t work out but we have to give ourselves another crack at it.

Our heart needs to feel that bliss, one more time, even with the likelihood of heartbreak, again.

Maybe this time we’ll stay up on “cloud nine” a bit longer.

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Excavation Work

Precious metals and jewels are generally not found on the surface. There is a lot of digging and excavation that has to happen to get to them. Then, there is additional shaving and cleaning and sifting that happens to finally get to a clear piece of material. It can be exhausting and excruciating but rewarding in the end.

When we become angry or lose hope or feel like we’re never going to be happy, we have to remember that we, too, have precious things on the inside. Somewhere, deep down in our soul, there are things we know are the most important to us, things we want to do, and the types of people we want to be around.

Maybe we’ve just settled over the years into what has become comfortable and those feelings have been buried.

We have to have the courage to dig down deep and unearth these feelings and expose who we really are.

They might end up becoming the jewels that bring us the rich life of happiness we’ve always been searching for.

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