Less But Better

Today I deleted over 30 apps from my phone.

They weren’t serving me anymore.

They were weighing me down.

A lot of life is like that.

We sign up for things because we’re scared to say no, we hoard things because we think we might need them, and we bottle up old feelings thinking they are benefitting us.

In Greg McKeown’s bestselling book, “Essentialism” his main thesis is this…

“Less but better”

How can we all apply this in our lives?

Eliminate things that are unnecessary and prioritize the things that bring us fulfillment.

Hang out with fewer people but have deeper relationships with them.
Commit to fewer projects but become a master at those few.
Focus on fewer thoughts but expand on the most worthy ones.

Priority is not supposed to be plural.

We need to stop overwhelming our plates with more than we can handle.

Try “less but better” and see how we do.

It might be one of the most freeing things we’ve ever given priority to.