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I had a wonderful time speaking with the Founder & CEO of the up and coming Podcasting platform called Pippa. I’ve been thrilled with the platform and ease-of-use and wanted to pry deeper into Simon’s journey and background and why he decided to start this company. Very intriguing episode and really showcases the fact that as long as you keep working hard in life and being curious that doors and opportunities can open.

About Simon:

Originally from South Africa, Simon is persistently curious: he came to NYC to attend NYU for grad school in philosophy, then completed studies in math and finance, before leaving the classroom to pursue his passion for media and technology. Simon is an analytically driven leader with experience at TED, the Clinton Global Initiative, and K2 Intelligence.

Simon was the Founder and CEO of before they were acquired by Acast in 2019. Currently, Simon is the VP of Experience for Acast, the world’s most impressive and exciting podcast company.

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