The Benefits Of Boring Work

Not everything can be fun and exciting. 

Cleaning the house, folding laundry, mowing the lawn, etc. You get the picture.

But there is a benefit in the mundane. 

Grinding through it when it has to get done proves we can be disciplined when we’d rather not do it at all. 

And, in a way, it can help us prioritize what we want more of. 

It can help us to be grateful and cherish the things we enjoy.

So, there is a benefit to the boring work. 

Even if we might not feel as much while we’re doing it.

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RJ Singh

RJ Singh Profile Headshot






Episode 352 features RJ Singh, Host of the Ultrahabits Podcast.

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Ultrahabits Podcast:




About RJ:

RJ Singh is an executive and ultra-endurance athlete, and family man and is dedicated to the pursuit of self-mastery. His mission is to lead by example and share the Ultrahabits needed to achieve ultra-performance in all areas of your life.

It is his firm belief that through commitment and absolute dedication to the evolution of our mind, body, and spirit complex, we as high-performing and competitive professionals can grow and prosper in all areas of our lives. To achieve this, we require intention, discipline, and solid habits.

His own journey involved chronic dysfunction which included violence, crime, youth detention, jails, and chronic addiction. With the support of mentors and frameworks, he embarked on the path of overcoming. Through his own experiences, he developed frameworks that empowered him to rebuild and refocus his mind, body, and spirit which in turn have led to limitless possibilities.

Through his own example and his interviews on his show, he will provide you with the tools in the form of #ultrahabits that will enable you to perform at your optimum.

RJ says in our pursuit to achieve this we require Ultrahabits to ensure that we are continually optimizing all areas of our lives.

His intention is to cover the gap of knowledge they left out in your business school, the “inner and outer” game required to sustain year-on-year results whilst evolving into the better you


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Exercise Discipline

It doesn’t matter your age, sex, economic status, ethnicity, GPA, IQ, or any other factor for that matter.

Discipline is a skill everyone has the opportunity to learn and utilize.

It doesn’t mean we won’t fight excuses or resistance, or never get stuck again.

Those things are inevitable.

But, discipline helps us:
Commit to change
Articulate our vision for the future.
Ignite our sheer determination and willpower.

It allows us to find focus and fulfillment where we were scattered and distracted before.

Discipline takes practice and patience to develop but it’s one of the most useful skills we’ll ever come to learn.

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New Year New Me

This New Year let’s not say “New Year, New Me” because change doesn’t happen like that.

Change happens by moving intentionally and incrementally forward.

It’s building one good habit after another.

It’s becoming self-aware and accepting of ourselves.

It’s giving ourselves space and expanding our worldview.

What might be better to say is, “I’m going to work continually to be disciplined this year in the areas that I’ve uncovered aren’t serving me anymore and lean into better decisions, perspectives and relationships. I won’t always get it right but I’m going to learn and keep improving.”

It’s important to start and let the changes come progressively over time.

This way, when the next year rolls around you can confidently say “New Year, New Me”

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Brian Kight

Brian Kight Profile Headshot






Episode 257 features Brian Kight, Founder of Daily Discipline, a free daily email with a central mission to help people build the discipline they need to accomplish what they want, as fast and reliably as possible.

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About Brian:

Brian Kight doesn’t know your goals, but he knows how you can get there faster—discipline. Discipline is the shortcut, and he’s sharing this shortcut every day with his 32,000+ Daily Discipline subscribers. Daily Discipline is a free daily email with a central mission to help people build the discipline they need to accomplish what they want, as fast and reliably as possible.

Brian has worked with some of the most notable businesses and sports teams in implementing his simple systems for training leaders, building culture, and creating winning behavior. Whether it’s delivering worldclass keynotes or advising an organization’s leaders, Brian is making a difference for those ready to do the work.

Brian’s competitive mindset grew from the influence of playing football to becoming an entrepreneur. He sits on the board of the Charlotte, NC chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) where he advises other entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to compete and win.

Brian’s first book — Daily Discipline: 365 personal and practical skills to overcome adversity, maximize opportunity, and live as the best version of yourself.– is scheduled to publish in Q4 of 2022.


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If you enjoy this episode I’d be grateful if you would leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts, if you believe I’ve earned it.  Thanks for listening!

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It’s The Climb

When we are running up a hill into headwinds the initial thought might be to zig-zag back and forth to avoid hitting the wind head-on and to help level out the steepness of the hill as much as possible.

But the focus on the climb straight upward, even through the toughest conditions, will create the energy you need to get through it. “Avoiding it” may seem like a more ideal strategy but we can expel just as much energy and not nearly get as far. The headwinds can still push us back off course. Life is going to be hard either way.

The best path is always forward. Through the suck. The discomfort will last much shorter and we’ll stay on course toward our intended path. We’ll come out stronger when we reach the pinnacle.

In the metaphor for life, if we’re going to accomplish something, full steam ahead into the storm is always the way to go.

Brace ourselves and press on.

Life is going to be hard either way.

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Overcome Your Pain Wall


Has anyone else ever had a needle stuck in their eye?

Weird question, I know. But there’s a point, I promise.

I had a corneal transplant when I was 21 years old that went very well and I was healing fine until one morning 6-weeks later I woke up and had a hard time seeing out of that eye. I went to class and still had trouble. I immediately called my surgeon and went into his office. Apparently, I rubbed my eye too hard during the night and 30% of the stitches in the healing cornea came out. I needed surgery again.

Being a bit stubborn, I didn’t want to wait for a day or two to get into surgery and asked if it was possible to get it done now, in his office. I wish I hadn’t asked.

It turns out it was possible. I was given a couple of Advil and told to lie down on a table in one of his office rooms. What ensued turned out to be the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life. 

I was awake, barely, if at all, sedated from the Advil, and watching my surgeon stitch my cornea back to my eye. Yes, you read that right. I literally could feel the sharp pain of needles in my eye and realizing I cannot move an inch or something really bad could happen.

As an aside, I give tremendous credit to the surgeon. How someone could have that steady of hands I’ll never understand. But I digress…

I reminded myself of this today on a run where I set a goal of 4-miles while wearing my 20-LB Weighted Vest.  First, I hate running. Second, I never have run more than 2 consecutive miles wearing the vest.  

So why does this all matter?

It matters because as I was hitting the 2-mile mark I could feel the fatigue in my legs set in (I had just done 200 Air Squats with the vest the prior day) so that was starting to take a toll on me and my feet were starting to cramp a bit.  I had every right to stop and pat myself on the back and feel good that I accomplished a PR by surpassing the 2-miles.

But then I remembered the eye surgery and I remembered the pain tolerance I had built up through that whole event. Oh, I forgot to finish the story. After he completed it and it went well, I had to go back 5 hours later at midnight to his office because my eye pressure had risen to a level I can’t explain. I couldn’t even think straight and was puking, that’s how bad it got. If anyone has ever dealt with immense eye pressure you know what I am talking about. 

I remembered I had relished taking pain and not having it bother me and using that as a badge of honor to push me through things.

This run was no different. I had to go deep down to help get me over that “pain wall” that I had put up in my head. The one that says it’s too painful, too rough, too hard to keep going. I had to find a way to overcome it and fight it.

My solution is creating a distraction. I distract my mind and divert the attention away from the pain to something else for just a minute until it passes. And then I thought about writing this article and how much the story would suck if I didn’t finish the 4-miles. See, I think the internal motivators are needed as well and I used them strategically when I need that kick of energy.

We all have a “pain wall”. Everyone is different and nobody can compare theirs to someone elses.

Do you break down that wall or stop at it every time you approach it?

Nobody can answer that but you and the only encouragement I can give is that deep down there is so much more pain tolerance we all have and just need to give ourselves that excuse or permission to pull it out. Use whatever method you like or try mine from above but I hope next time you encounter your wall you’ll be able to break right through it and form a new vision in your mind of what pain you can manage and overcome.

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