Stop focusing on how other people do it.

Explore how you do it.

As a single dad, I have a consistent schedule of the weeks I have my son and the weeks I don’t. 

When I have my son, I prioritize him. When I don’t, I prioritize other things.

I’ve discovered I work better by thinking in “bi-weekly sprints” based on the time I have available. I can’t schedule like my friends who are full-time parents nor like the ones who don’t have kids.

You most likely will do it differently, too.

Analyze your unique situation and find the tools that can help you craft a blueprint to work off of. 

You’ll find it becomes a tremendous way to remove stress, increase enjoyment, and prioritize the life you want.


Magic Show

Don’t fall for the misdirection, the rabbit being pulled out of the hat, the flash mob.

We are often blinded by the “vocal minority” and the “dog and pony show” that is going on.

It dominates the narrative but we can’t fall for the trap of getting sucked into it.

Be skeptical. Be curious. Ask questions.

Are we being fed the truth or is it only partially true?

Seek out the truth yourself.
Don’t get lazy.
Go deeper.

It takes courage to question the things that are ingrained in us but it is one of the important parts of growth.

If we can question our own beliefs then what else can we question? What else is appearing to be the truth that may end up not being correct at all?

Are we going to believe the rabbit magically appeared in the hat or is there another side of the story that we would be willing to consider?

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Balance Beam

Sometimes agendas and itineraries are important.

Structured, punctual, and organized. Knowing where we are headed and what we are doing. It becomes necessary in our life, at times.

But so does discovery and veering off course. So does spontaneously making a decision and living with the consequences. We can’t script every aspect of our lives.

Routines and calendars and schedules can box us into a corner. They can limit us to explore the far edges we haven’t considered. We can become frustrated.

We haven’t figured it all out yet. We still have room left to explore.

Let’s not give up on reaching outside our comfort zones.

That’s how innovation happens.

It’s where new ideas form.

It’s where we find new life.

Sometimes it’s necessary to calculate every minute but it can be just as important to wander off the path with no sense of time or direction, as well.

We need to give ourselves both.

It’ll give balance to our complex and uncertain lives.

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Mud on the Tires

Maybe we shouldn’t have it all figured out.

Maybe seeking is part of the enjoyment of life. That discovery into the unknown.

It’s a bit scary.

It’ll wake us up.

We’ll need to focus.

We can’t put the mind in “self-drive” mode and cruise.

Life is not going mindlessly through each day and getting by.

It is supposed to be lived.

Fully present. Fully alive at the moment. Full of wonder and curiosity.

We have to take control of the wheel and veer off-road.

That’s when living starts to happen.

Mud on the Tires2022-07-09T17:44:01-04:00

Fear of Anything

We’ll always have fear if we don’t understand something.

If we are struggling with moving forward because of fear, curiosity might be the helper we need to call on.

Why is this fear present?
What past “information” has led us to this conclusion?
Could there be more information we haven’t considered?
Would we be willing to accept it if it is different from our current beliefs?

I remember when I used to be terrified of flying. From the night before the flight until we landed, I was a mess. Fearful with every bump. Gripping tightly. Counting every second until we landed safely.

Until I decided to overcome that fear.

To do that I gained knowledge. I asked questions like…
How do planes work?
How are pilots trained?
How safe are planes?
Why does the flight crew choose this as a career?

Once I became curious, it opened up my mind to learn. Once I learned, the fear subsided. Then, to fully overcome the fear I had to face my past beliefs head-on.

As I took my next few flights, every time there was a bump or rattle or weird noise, I would ask myself if this was a part of my past belief or a part of what I have newly learned. What seemed more logical?

In time, my fear went away.

There is no more anxiety before flights. I enjoy takeoffs now. Every once in a while a big “bump” in the sky will get my attention but I think it’s my past fears waving to me and letting me know they miss me. It is normally short-lived.

I overcame my fear of flying by being curious. That curiosity led me to knowledge that led me to a different belief.

I’m not saying it’ll be easy but if we want to give ourselves the opportunity to change then we might think about questioning our old beliefs.

They hold many unfounded “truths” that may be best to leave in the past.

Fear of Anything2022-08-23T08:50:39-04:00
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Catherine Lash


EPISODE 248: Creator and Facilitator of the Lead With WHY Workshop

Catherine Lash Profile Headshot

Listen On:






Episode 248 features Catherine Lash, Creator, and facilitator of the Lead With WHY Workshop.

Find Catherine Online:





About Catherine:

I envision a world where we are free of self-judgment, trust the process, and create for others.

I have over 20 years of lived experience as a solopreneur. During those years I based my self-worth on the financial success of my business. This not only limited the growth of my business it placed limits on all aspects of my life. It determined where I showed up, how I showed up, what I created and how I shared it.

Self-worth is measured by the value we give to others and it is driven by a clear WHY (purpose).

My journey to my WHY was the most valuable part of the process. I now measure my worth not by money or fame but by the value, I bring to others. I have a good sense of who I am at my natural best and know the actions I need to take when in a struggle.

I have created the Lead With WHY Workshop so others can immerse themselves in the process of finding their WHY, start creating value for others, and most importantly, feel worthy every step of the way.

My WHY: To inspirit self-leadership so we can live our best life.


If you enjoyed this interview you may also like my Just Get Started Podcast Interview with Stephen Shedletzky, a Thought Leader, Speaker, and Executive Coach

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Hand Raiser

If we always have the mindset that “I can learn something new from every person I encounter” then it opens us up to incredible possibilities.

We go into each conversation, with each connection, as a curious learner.

The need to be the “smartest person” in the room goes away.

So does the ego.

The thought of “winning” isn’t necessary any longer.

All we are left with is open and honest dialogue.

We can question and prod.

We can listen and soak everything in.

No agenda. No alterier motives.

We become a learner first and the rest works out how it works out.

Most likely, we come away with more information and more respect from the other party than we’ve ever had before.

Hand Raiser2022-08-23T08:39:07-04:00

Fiction Can Be Fun

We might not all be great fiction writers but we certainly have the capacity to make up many stories, in our heads, of events that haven’t happened yet.

We can create some amazing stories on where things might go with a particular situation, what other people do or think, and what happens next based on that.

We spend sleepless nights working through the scenarios. But in our “choose your own adventure” story, how many times does it really come true? How many times do we get the outcome we’ve spent time worrying about?

We get sucked into these rabbit holes for many reasons but one critical factor we often miss is the gap in information.

We fail to ask questions to inform us. The questions might be too difficult or awkward so we avoid them.

Instead of knowing the answers upfront, we defer to waiting, hoping, and fantasizing.

We go into story mode.

That’s easier than the alternative. But harder on us, mentally.

Remove the worrying. Remove the doubt. Remove the 20 questions inside our heads.

Ask that upfront. Be direct. Be transparent.

Whatever is going to happen is going to happen anyway.

Instead of waiting until the cliffhanger at the end of this story, we might as well change the narrative starting out.

Maybe we can create a whole new story out of it.

This time, one that is non-fiction.

Fiction Can Be Fun2022-05-06T20:40:56-04:00

Question Everything

One question is all it might take to change a person or situation. Just one question.

Being engaging and opening the dialogue can help facilitate deeper connection and meaning for the other person or group of people listening.

There doesn’t have to be a large presentation or formal agenda to make a difference. Asking a thoughtful or curious question can take dead silence to perpetual chatter.

All it takes is one question to change the tides. When the situation arises, instead of being passive with a closed-off response or hitting the “like” button, go ahead and ask a question.

You might be amazed how it sets off a domino effect and spurs future conversation or connection.

Try to ask one more question or be the one that breaks the silence with a question and see what happens.

Let the magic of connection take form from there.

Question Everything2022-04-14T14:02:43-04:00

Imagination Sensation

What happens to our imagination as we grow older? I’m sure scientific discoveries may point to a particular time in our brain’s development but I’m always curious how much our society has to play in this.

Is it parenting? Our education systems? Or nutrition? Or other factors?

Why do some of us continue to have our imagination and our sheer wonder of things well into adulthood when many others block it out and rarely recreate those childhood feelings?

Having a vivid and wild imagination can create some of the most ingenious things and help our world progress further ahead, in a positive direction, for generations to come. It can make us more creative and unlock the potential for happiness. It can help us question our surroundings and develop our purpose.

I’m wondering how we could tap into that more often and have it “on-demand” versus locking it away for only special occasions.

I’m just curious.

Our imaginations can be a wild and freeing thing.

I thought it might be something we could all ponder for a bit today.

Imagination Sensation2022-03-15T21:17:29-04:00

Dozen Months of Discovery – One Mic with Brian Ondrako







This One Mic Session is a Reboot of an idea I tried 2 years ago…but just like life, sometimes excuses clutter your vision and momentum to accomplish things. So, it’s back to stay! The Dozen Months of Discovery.

Part of the premise of the Just Get Started Podcast is to get out of your comfort zone and try to accomplish things far greater than you ever imagined. Whether it is changing your eating habits, a better fitness routine, starting a business, etc. At the micro level, everything you do has to be “started” at some point but are we truly pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones as much as possible and learning new skills or knowledge that can become valuable. Or, maybe it doesn’t become something valuable but you can say you tried it because it was interesting at the time. That’s okay, too.

That, my friends, is the whole premise of the Dozen Months of Discovery.

12 months to have 12 new adventures. This could be anything from committing to a workout plan one month to learning how to play the piano another, learning a language, or detoxing from Social Media. Whatever it is you have to invest time into it and you have to practice but more than that is your mindset and focus on accomplishing the challenge must be present everyday. We (and I certainly mean me) say over and over “I wish I could do….” Or “I wish I tried….”. As the old saying goes, “You can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets filled up first”. 

Stop wishing. Why not go out and do it? I know your answer. I don’t have time. It may actually take less than you think. Malcolm Gladwell famously wrote that you need about 10,000 hours to master a skill. But I’m not asking you to master a skill, I’m asking you to try and learn a new skill and become good at it. So, how long would that take?

Well, someone already did that research for me and his name is Josh Kaufman. Now, Josh did a phenomenal Ted talk about this topic and, in short, concluded that to learn and be good at a new skill it would take about 20 hours. I highly recommend you watch the entire Ted Talk here – How to Learn Anything in 20 Hours – as it provides a lot more context.

Also, Podcast Guest (Episode 76) Scott Young and his book “Ultralearning” is a fantastic guidebook of some useful techniques and stories to speed up your learning and actually make it sticky.

So, the question I posed to myself a little while back and will pose to you right now is…How far did you advance yourself this past year? How much more could you have done that would have led to increased skill development, more fulfillment or joy in your life, new doors being open…all of it….How far did you push that needle? 

Get out of your comfort zone and try to make the next year your best year even. You certainly won’t get there by doing the same thing you are doing now. You must broaden your horizons and I think this is one way to do it.

So here’s the challenge.

Pick 12 new skills/challenges/topics you think would be cool or interesting or maybe something you always wanted to learn. If you can’t think of that many then ask your friends and family or post online and ask your larger community to throw out ideas.

Next, write them down and share with the world those 12 you are going to learn.

Finally, each month you need to pick a goal that will be the accomplishment you are trying to achieve by the end of that month. If you don’t pick a goal you can’t conclude if you truly learned anything. Don’t make it too easy but push yourself.

Now, start with the first one on the first day of the next month and do it. Learn by taking classes locally, watching videos online, syncing up with a friend skilled in that craft, whatever. Invest around 20 hours that month and see what you can accomplish. 

I’m starting this endeavor on January 1st, 2020. My first monthly challenge is to not launch one social media app (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) for the entire month. I’ll document each journey prior to starting and the week after I finish each month. Some other ideas I have are Stretching for 1-hour each day for a month and learning a new language over the course of a month. The list is still getting worked out and look forward to any suggestions!

If you are down to join, let me know and we can hold each other accountable. If not, we’ll catch you for the next one and I’d love to hear what you are trying to do to challenge yourself and push beyond your comfort zone.

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