False Identity

When we tie our self-worth to what we see others doing online we put our minds in a place of false reality. We trick ourselves into thinking this is real. 

Those people in the videos with the crowd cheering their name, or in the picture with the caption of them professing their love and unwavering happiness to a significant other, or tagging themselves with another humblebrag about another award they recently won all have the same things in common as us. 

They feel pain. 

They feel left out. 

They feel alone. 

They worry. 

They question their purpose.  

They question their work. 

They question if they deserve to be in the position they are in. 

We shouldn’t think that somehow we are behind. We shouldn’t think that somehow we didn’t get sprinkled with the magic pixie dust of “success” and are now less of a person. 

We have to get out of our heads about it and create the great work that we know we love to do. Be around the people that fill us up. Do the things that make us feel energized and alive. 

The rest of the stuff works itself out if we are making decisions that lean into those areas that make us happy or at least have the potential to make us happy. 

We still may be figuring it all out but so is everyone else. Just because someone is able to commit more time to gloss up a photo or putting out more content it doesn’t mean they are better than any of us. 

We all matter and we all have a gift we can give to the world. If we know ours then that’s great but if we’re still figuring it out just know that’s okay as the journey to discovery can be painful and lonely at times. 

But know that it’s worth it.

And when we discover it, we won’t have to question our purpose any longer and we’ll be ready to give it generously.

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Create Now. Edit Later.

One of the biggest challenges I had in getting over the hump of creating content (Podcasts, books, blogs, etc) is that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I felt I needed all of the answers upfront before I could put “pen to paper” and create something magical.

I was completely wrong.

Hashing our ideas out in real time helps us do a few things…

We learn – We start finding ways that we work best, with how we structure our time, and when it’s the right time for us to do our best work

We evolve – We find efficiencies in our work. We find areas we can tweak and remove and other areas that need some extra “TLC”.

We focus – All of the ideas floating around in our heads, when put into a tangible format, start to become much clearer. We can understand where the gold is and distinguish between what works and what doesn’t. It doesn’t mean it won’t be relevant in the future it means we can put a pin in it for now and focus on the most important stuff.

The first step is always the hardest. The idea part isn’t hard but bringing it into reality.

Beethoven’s 5th symphony started with one note. Starry Night began with one stroke of the brush. Edison’s invention of the light bulb started with one failed experiment.

Our idea can’t begin until it is put into reality.

We have to get it out of our heads and start sculpting it.

Then, we let it transform from there.

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