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Don’t compare or compete, collaborate.

Comparison can make us depressed and feel like we’re not doing enough.

Competing can move us off course because we might have a different outcome goal than someone else.

But collaboration is where growth happens.

We surround ourselves with others who are eager and ambitious.

We discuss ideas and apply them to our situation.

We feed off of the energy.

We have accountability.

Don’t compare or compete.

Find people who are willing to collaborate.

It might give us the push we need to keep moving forward.

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Ghostie On 1st

Growing up, when we’d have limited numbers of players for baseball, we’d put a “ghostie” on base to act as a runner.

That same mentality can be used when we are trying to push ourselves harder and farther than we ever have before. We are competing against ourselves. Against a person who we know really well. We know their weaknesses, their shortcomings, their fears.

We can visualize that “ghostie” just ahead of us. Pacing us in the race. Giving us the added motivation to kick it into another gear.

Sometimes the only motivation we need is the competition we conjure up in our heads.

When we are focusing on our projects needing to be completed and procrastination and distractions ensue, there might not be a better competitor on the planet to kick us into another gear than ourselves.

That motivation might be the difference between lagging behind our insecurities, fears, and self-doubts or pushing ourselves forward further than we ever thought possible.

Ghostie On 1st2021-11-29T15:49:26-04:00
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