Winning Formula

Cutting people down is counterproductive. 

By encouraging people to do their best, they can actually move faster and freer. Inevitably, that might end up being a motivator for us to find our next gear if we needed it. 

Kindness is a win-win.

It’s not a weakness.

Winning Formula2022-07-29T17:27:27-04:00

Recognize Your Power

We all want to be recognized so as we are waiting for our recognition we need to make a point to recognize someone else; cheer for their accomplishment, send a quick hello, give them a simple 🙌 emoji.

The littlest things go a long way in making someone else feel appreciated and needed in this world.

In a world where we are always getting shown the darkest moments in the news, remember we can be a light that shines on the goodness there is in the world.

Recognize Your Power2021-09-21T11:36:23-04:00
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