First Person Narrative

Get out of the game of “everyone else”

Everyone else appears to be getting lucky breaks.

Everyone else appears to be getting traction.

Everyone else appears to be productive.

Everyone else appears to be happy.

Who cares what everyone else appears to have? The important word is “appears” because we are making stories up in our heads of what we think is going on. We can’t be certain it is true.

We are playing the victim so we don’t have to take accountability.

We could easily replace it with phrasing like, “Everyone else doesn’t have ______ “ or “I’m fortunate I have ______”.

We become what we think about.

The longer we create a narrative with us as the victim our mindset skews negative. The deeper we fall into a dark hole of despair. The harder it is to come out of it.

It’s a slippery slope.

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Collaboration Station

Don’t compare or compete, collaborate.

Comparison can make us depressed and feel like we’re not doing enough.

Competing can move us off course because we might have a different outcome goal than someone else.

But collaboration is where growth happens.

We surround ourselves with others who are eager and ambitious.

We discuss ideas and apply them to our situation.

We feed off of the energy.

We have accountability.

Don’t compare or compete.

Find people who are willing to collaborate.

It might give us the push we need to keep moving forward.

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Play the entire game and add it all up at the end.

This is a mantra we’d all stand to benefit from.

Too often when we think we are “behind” it knocks us off our balance and bruises our ego. We throw our hands up and say, “What’s the point? I’ll never win.”

What is “winning” anyway?

Is it the physical prize at the end or is it the incalculable growth we made by pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone and into a new dimension of learning?

Far too often we are disappointed with the perceived “L” but fail to recognize it’s priming us for something bigger and better up ahead.

All of these reps are going to pay off for us, eventually.

We may not win this leg of the race but rest assured we’ll be prepared for the next.

Don’t give up before the race is over.



If we get caught up comparing ourselves to others, we must remember this…

They are not a mile ahead of us. They are only just a few feet.

The difference is that they decided to start and hyperdrive their output.

That’s it.

They are no more uniquely qualified than us. We all have something special that could be leveraged if we wanted to.

We could forge our own path.

The hardest choice is whether we begin walking down it or not.


This Too Shall Pass

Life ebbs and flows. Some days we are on the highest of highs and on others it’s the lowest of the lows.

Rarely, on the best days, are we ever thinking about despair or loneliness or how we are ever going to get out of this feeling. It’s only on the bad days

Rarely, on the best days, are we ever consumed by the passing watch hands and can’t wait for something to change and get us out of this nightmare. It’s only on the bad days.

Rarely, on the best days, are we ever comparing ourselves to others wishing we were smiling and laughing and being loved by everyone around us. It’s only on the bad days.

“Comparison is the thief of joy” as the great quote goes.

It’s always in comparison to others or to what we don’t have or to what is absent in our lives, that sucks the joy out of it. We all go through this and we know it’s not easy.

But, this too shall pass. 

How quickly it passes can be directly related to our efforts in recognizing our triggers and our emotional state when those triggers come to fruition. 

We can’t blame others. We have to take ownership and look in the mirror. We can fix this.

Is our worth tied up in others? Are we doing things that make us come alive? Have our decisions put us in stressful situations? How can we learn at this moment to make future moments more manageable? 

These questions and others around it can help us focus on the problem areas of our life and address the parts that we need to improve. Generally, there is a “self” before them. We need to have more self-love, self-awareness, self-observation, self-control, etc.

Life can be hard a lot of the time but once we choose to make the effort to approach it in a way where we are in control instead of situations and people controlling us, we have a wonderful chance to lean into happiness more often.

Take a deep breath. We’ve been here before. 

This too shall pass.

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