Could you do 6,450 pushups today?

That’d be a lot, right?

But what if you just did 50 a day?

Would that be more manageable?

—— It’s scary how easy it is ——

This year I made a goal to be consistent with something, every day, no matter what.

→ So I chose a fitness goal.

50 pushups and 50 air squats, every day, for the entire year. 

129 days into the year and I’ve done 6,450 of each.

—> The Lesson

Rarely does success come from a massive achievement in one sitting.

It’s the culmination of small steps every day.

It’s about practice and discipline.

It’s about accountability.

It doesn’t have to be grandiose, it just has to be meaningful for you.

That’s how progress happens.

It’s in the small stuff that isn’t sexy.

It’s in the practice. 

What one small thing can you commit to for a long period?


The Secret

Want Happiness?

There are 4 things you need to take control of. 

  • Your time
  • Your money
  • Your health
  • Your relationships. 

And here’s the secret. It’s about removing, not adding. 

Less wasted activities free your time for priority items. 

Less excess allows for debt-free and stress-free living. 

Less processed foods and sugars, more daily energy.  

Less relationships allow for deeper meaningful ones.  

Start there, happiness will inevitably follow.

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Where were you 16 years ago?

Do you ponder how you got from there to here?

16 years ago I was a PGA Teaching Professional.

Golf was my life. It was my passion. It was my identity.

I think about what life would be like if I was still in the golf business. If I was still teaching. If I was still grinding on that practice tee.

→ But I don’t miss it. 

Because it wasn’t serving me any longer.

Fast forward 4 years to 2012 and life was changing fast. I was newly married, my son was on the way and I had opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about the world.

My identity was starting to be associated with new things, not just golf.

→ And that’s when I made one of the hardest decisions of my life: Leave the golf business.

Oftentimes, the warm blanket of comfort keeps us from leaving the bed and exploring the unknown.

We miss an opportunity to better our life because we’d rather be “semi-happy” in the moment.

Life can be much grander if we are open to poking at our current identity and asking ourselves if this is what we want.

When the answer is “No” too many days in a row we have to seek out a change.

Question to ask yourself today:

Is my current career what I want to be doing in 5 years?

If it isn’t, what is?

Then start plotting the first steps forward. You may not know where you’ll end up but you can start yourself on a more meaningful path forward.

(Gotta love the Way Back Machine and finding an early image of my teaching website circa ‘08-’09)

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My son’s bedtime is 8 pm. Tech off, brush your teeth and start reading…


There are times for an exception to the rule.

Every night at 6 pm we shut down the Phones/Tablets/Computers, clean up for dinner, and eat together. Then, between 630 – 8 pm, we hang out.

→ Sometimes it’s a game night and other times we watch a movie.

He’s been on a Marvel kick lately so we watched Ant-Man & The Wasp. The movie was more than halfway over when the 8 pm bell rang.

Typically, I would’ve stopped the movie and we’d watch the rest the following day.

But I threw him a curveball.

“Hey, if you go brush your teeth now, we can watch the rest of the movie and then go to bed after. Deal?”

He garnered a big smile and hurried upstairs to clean up.

What’s the point here?

Structure and routines keep us on track but spontaneity can offer surprise and delight to shake up what is typically expected.

We don’t have to be gruff and rigid in every moment.

  • I read to him before bed.
  • He had quiet time to himself.
  • Then, fell asleep at a normal time.

→ We took a different route but the outcome was the same.

Lighten up a bit and make some memories along the way.

Spontaneity can be a nice compliment to our normal highly structured lives.

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Jess Ekstrom


EPISODE 413: Founder of Mic Drop Workshop, Author, Speaker, and host of Amplify

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Episode 413 features Jess Ekstrom, a Forbes Top Rated Speaker, 2x 7-figure social entrepreneur, mom, and Harper Collins bestselling author of Chasing the Bright Side and Create Your Bright Ideas. She’s on a mission to help women speak with confidence so they can make an impact and income.

Sign up for free training at Mic Drop Workshop: https://micdropworkshop.com/speaker/

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Find Jess Online:

Website: www.jessekstrom.com

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jess_ekstrom

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About Jess:

Jess Ekstrom is a Forbes Top Rated Speaker, 2x 7-figure social entrepreneur, mom and Harper Collins bestselling author of Chasing the Bright Side and Create Your Bright Ideas. She’s on a mission to help women speak with confidence so they can make an impact and income.

Today, Jess is the founder and Chief Creative Officer at Mic Drop Workshop and continues to rack up her airline miles speaking at companies like Edward Jones, Zappos, Canva, Leadercast Live, Magnolia and more. You can find her either writing her next book or traveling in an Airstream with her family.


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2 & 1

As a parent, we must adapt our parenting style often as our kids grow because we can’t possibly know what lies ahead. We have to be malleable and open to change.

However, there is one thing I’ve remained committed to since my son was born.

I will never let him win at sports.

As I’ve told him since he was a toddler, when he beats me he’ll know he has earned it.

Recently, there was a wonderful lesson with that.

We were playing mini-golf and decided to play an 18-hole “match play”. Match Play is a game where the lowest score wins the hole. The person who is up more holes than holes left wins the match.

Since I am right-handed, I turned around to play left-handed to make it more fair.

→ And fair it was.

My son won the first 4 holes. He was 4 up with 14 to play. I was a bit nervous

But, I could tell he tensed up a bit. He was thinking about winning way too early in the match.

As we finished 9 holes, I climbed back to square the match when he muttered in a defeating voice, “I’m going to lose now.”

It’s times like these we get to encounter teachable moments. I grabbed hold of the opportunity.

He and I talked about:

+ Thinking positively

+ Believing in our abilities

+ Playing hard until the end

+ Staying focused on the present

He got some real-time lessons about the importance of a positive mindset on our ability to perform.

Back-to-back hole-in-ones on the final 9 helped me win 2 & 1 but he made it competitive, that’s for sure.

Someday, he’ll beat me, he’s got that competitive fire in him but he has to learn to harness his energy when he’s in the moment.

It’s a lesson we can all learn from.

2 & 12024-03-22T11:48:28-04:00


Remember, you can ask the world for what you want

…or you can sit in silence.

One opens up incredible opportunities you never would’ve imagined.

The other creates fictional stories of why we never get what we want.

It comes down to a choice.

A choice to take control of what we can control.

And then let the universe do its thing.


Show Up

11 people showed up at CrossFit today. 

  • Some lifted heavy, some did lighter 
  • Some went fast and some went slow
  • Some modified the prescribed movements

We all were working within our fitness levels and where we wanted to challenge ourselves. 

11 different ways to complete the same workout.

The 1 thing we all had in common?

We showed up today. 

Even if you’re not feeling it, showing up creates action. 

Action creates mood

Mood builds confidence that we can do the hard things. 

That progress helps us become stronger, mentally and physically. 

Show Up2024-02-11T14:56:00-04:00

Action Jackson

Do you want to start?

——> Create action 

That creates your mood.

Don’t wait for “the right time” or for “motivation”

——> Create the time

Your mindset will adjust to the things you invest your time into.

You’ll start to see progress

  • that leads to more confidence
  • that leads to more action
  • that leads to more belief in our ability

Action creates Mood

That’s the type of flywheel we want to create.

Action Jackson2024-02-11T13:59:15-04:00

Fake It

We must stop using “fake it til you make it.”

Catchy phrasing, wrong mindset.

We aren’t “faking” anything

  • We are living.
  • We are learning.
  • We are adapting.
  • We are transforming.

We aren’t “faking” anything because when would we even know we actually “make it”? When would we turn off “faking it”?

→ The lines are too blurred. 

It’s not how we want to live.

Because it’s not the truth.

We aren’t “faking” anything.

We are being real and true to ourselves. 

We are stepping out onto the ledge with the willingness to take a leap of faith. We are being more true to what we want than we’ve ever been before.

  • Change your mindset.
  • Change your approach.
  • Change your outlook.

Don’t belittle yourself.

→ You’re not “faking” it. 

  • You’re exposed.
  • You’re earning your stripes.
  • You’re as authentic as you’re ever been.

That’s the only way you truly “make it” anyways.

Fake It2024-01-19T06:50:11-04:00

Lucky 7s

It’s crazy to think I am in year 7 of the Just Get Started Podcast. It’s single-handedly the longest thing I’ve done in my life.


If I only was able to provide one lesson from doing it it’d be this…

-> Just friggen do the thing that you want to do.

You have absolutely no rational or logical reasoning that it will work, that you will like it, or that it will be something you do for a long period.

Who cares?

If you want to do it then go do it. Right now. Commit.


The only thing holding you back is yourself.

That might scare the hell out of us but it should empower us to know that we are in control.

It doesn’t have to be grandiose from Day One.

There doesn’t need to be a “wow” factor.

It doesn’t have to be spectacular.

But move it off the starting line.

Do something.

Because someday, you might look back like I am, and couldn’t have imagined how much starting this would be exactly what you needed for your soul.

Lucky 7s2024-01-14T10:13:53-04:00

Combining Resources

The best relationships in life have one clear thing in common.

There is a complimentary toolset that each person brings on the journey.

No one person is better than the other. Sometimes the tools one person has will be used and other times it’ll be the opposite. Oftentimes, the tools will work together to create something useful and generous.

If we think about relationships this way and work to keep them balanced then we’ll be better served as we deepen the connection and forge ahead.

We can certainly take our toolset and go along the journey alone but that doesn’t appear to make for the most fun and exciting adventure.

Those moments need to be shared and we should strive often to seek out those people to share them with.

It’ll make the trip that much more enjoyable.

Combining Resources2022-10-09T20:10:22-04:00

Flexibility February and What I Learned


This new One Mic Session is a recap of Month 2 of my Dozen Months of Discovery in 2020 where I chose to complete 1-Hour of Stretching every single day in the month of February.

Almost every day, I used a video online from Sean Vigue Fitness (link to video) which is about 40 minutes long and then I added 20 minutes of my own stretching exercises and mobility work to round out the hour.

Here are a couple takeaways I talk about in the episode:

  • Finding Your Balance
  • Ain’t Over Til It’s Over
  • Finish What You Started
  • Prioritize
  • Breathe & Have Fun

My challenge to everyone…For 7 straight days perform 30-minutes of stretching by using the video above, searching for your own through YouTube or an App you download, or just sit in some poses you know. It doesn’t matter. It’s that you are commiting to something and exposing your body to things that it needs which is activity and mobility so it can open up a bit more. Do you accept this challenge?

Report back to me or share your results with a friend and let’s pass on the good vibes!

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