Don’t Plagiarize

The way they do it is not the way it has to be done.

Grab insight and inspiration, yes.

But, don’t copy.

The only way to do it is by sharing it authentically from our voice.

Anyone can get away with copying for a period of time.

In order to have longevity we must do the work, our work, and adapt our skills over the long haul.

That’s the only way we’ll be proud of our work, too.

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Smells Like Potential

Potential The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or future success.

When we were told as kids, “You have potential”, it meant that we had a lot of opportunities to grow into something more than we were at that time.

However, I wish we interpreted it as the ability to step outside of the box we were in, shake it up a bit, turn it upside down, and then see what happens. I wish we were told that we control our “potential” by prodding and poking our belief systems.

We develop beliefs about all types of things from the time we are young but if we are not careful we start to become those beliefs, even if they are peppered with unfounded information and half-truths.

We have to battle-test our own beliefs and make sure they are not claims we’ve just gone with because they’ve been with us for so long. Because they feel comfortable and make sense to us.

We have to have the courage to at least try. Otherwise, we’ll only be able to stretch as far as those beliefs allow us to go.

We thought differently back then. We observed differently. Our environment was different.

So why hang on to the old belief systems?

We have the potential to change our beliefs if we give ourselves the opportunity to get outside that box that society likes to put us in.

The one that we have kindly accepted all of these years without question.

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Believe It

If we believe in something wholeheartedly then we should have no fear in pursuing it to the max.

No fear of failure. Of rejection. Of loss.

If we feel it deep down in our core then we have to see it through one way or another.

In fact, we can’t lose either way.

On one hand, if we achieve what we wanted in the first place then we can reflect on the process it took to get there and the impact this will have on our lives going forward.

On the other, if it doesn’t work out, at least we know. I think “not knowing” is one of the things that hold us up from letting go of this idea. That thought of “can I really achieve this?”, “do they really want to be with me?, “can I overcome this obstacle?”

It eats at us.

So, at least if we know then we can change our mindset and alter our thinking. We don’t have to hold onto this idea any longer.

We can move on and move forward.

We can believe that there are better things up ahead for us.

We can be free.

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Catherine Lash


EPISODE 248: Creator and Facilitator of the Lead With WHY Workshop

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Episode 248 features Catherine Lash, Creator, and facilitator of the Lead With WHY Workshop.

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About Catherine:

I envision a world where we are free of self-judgment, trust the process, and create for others.

I have over 20 years of lived experience as a solopreneur. During those years I based my self-worth on the financial success of my business. This not only limited the growth of my business it placed limits on all aspects of my life. It determined where I showed up, how I showed up, what I created and how I shared it.

Self-worth is measured by the value we give to others and it is driven by a clear WHY (purpose).

My journey to my WHY was the most valuable part of the process. I now measure my worth not by money or fame but by the value, I bring to others. I have a good sense of who I am at my natural best and know the actions I need to take when in a struggle.

I have created the Lead With WHY Workshop so others can immerse themselves in the process of finding their WHY, start creating value for others, and most importantly, feel worthy every step of the way.

My WHY: To inspirit self-leadership so we can live our best life.


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Back of the Class

How many times would we sit idle in class when the teacher asked if there were any questions only because we didn’t want to be the one who looked like we didn’t understand?

We assumed if nobody else raised their hands then we were the only incompetent ones. 

Our conditioning at the time blinded our thinking. 

Don’t show weakness. 

Stand your ground.

Don’t cry.

Don’t let them see you sweat. 

These phrases were ever-present in our adolescent years and they brought anxiety and fear into our decisions. 

Better say nothing at all than be the laughing stock for the day. 

We all now realize that was a fallacy. 

Vulnerability is not a weakness.

Emotions are not a weakness.

Asking for help is not a weakness.

They tend to be the opposite. Having the courage to show up this way means that we have gotten comfortable with who we are as a person and the scrutiny and judgment don’t affect us as much, if at all, anymore.

That’s a sweet spot to be in. That is when courage builds into confidence.

That’s when we get to the point where we raise our hands from the back of the class. Not only because we are curious about the answer but because we know many others are as well. 

They just haven’t developed the courage, yet. 

Let us be the guide and show them the way.

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We Can Do Hard Things

When things get hard remember that our “20-year-old” version dreamed of having our focus, determination, resilience, and confidence.

We’ve been prepping for these moments for our entire lives.

We can do hard things.

Somedays we just have to remind ourselves.

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One Of One

When we look around at the world and compare ourselves to others the first thought for many of us is that we are not good enough.

We feel that we are not pretty enough, not creative enough, not outgoing enough, not _______.

But, we are special.

In a world where many things are a commodity, we are a rare jewel.

We are “1 of 1”.

There is not a single person on planet earth exactly like us. (Not even if we have an identical twin)

We are unique.

We should stop comparing ourselves with others and be proud that this is who we are.

Do we want to improve? Get better? Be happier? Then, it’s on us.

Don’t look around. Look inside.

Nobody thinks the way we think or has the programming exactly as we have it.

We are “1 of 1”.

Be proud of that.

Don’t try to be someone else. Nobody likes a ripped off version.

We want authentic. We want real. We want a unicorn.

That’s you.

Now, go do you. Whatever it is you want to do.

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Can We Really Change?

Can we really change?

It starts with our belief system. We either believe we have the ability to change our surroundings, circumstances, relationships, etc or we don’t. 

Full stop. 

Almost everything we do hinges on the above belief. 

If we don’t believe we do then we don’t prioritize changing. We’ll always be too “busy.” We’ll make excuses. 

If we do believe we are in control of changing then it opens us up to ask ourselves questions like…

  • Why will this time be different?
  • What can I really do if I put the effort in? 
  • Where can I stretch myself like I never have before?

Remember, to discover happiness we must first discover ourselves. 

Asking those simple questions might be the starting point. 

The path forward forms from there. 

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