Suspense Thriller

Despite what we may think, we are incredible storytellers.

We make up stories to fill in the gaps in the unknown.

To paint a picture that doesn’t yet exist through our biases and beliefs.

We make it compelling and exciting and if we think about it long enough we might even believe it is true.

When the future moment becomes the present, how many times does that story live up to the hype of the moment?

That should tell us something.

Maybe our embellishment of the potential outcome is unhelpful and irrational.

It leads us to worry and stress over things that are irrelevant.

It’s a narrative that might choose not to write in the first place.

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Smells Like Potential

Potential The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or future success.

When we were told as kids, “You have potential”, it meant that we had a lot of opportunities to grow into something more than we were at that time.

However, I wish we interpreted it as the ability to step outside of the box we were in, shake it up a bit, turn it upside down, and then see what happens. I wish we were told that we control our “potential” by prodding and poking our belief systems.

We develop beliefs about all types of things from the time we are young but if we are not careful we start to become those beliefs, even if they are peppered with unfounded information and half-truths.

We have to battle-test our own beliefs and make sure they are not claims we’ve just gone with because they’ve been with us for so long. Because they feel comfortable and make sense to us.

We have to have the courage to at least try. Otherwise, we’ll only be able to stretch as far as those beliefs allow us to go.

We thought differently back then. We observed differently. Our environment was different.

So why hang on to the old belief systems?

We have the potential to change our beliefs if we give ourselves the opportunity to get outside that box that society likes to put us in.

The one that we have kindly accepted all of these years without question.

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