Coloring Outside The Lines

We are told growing up that we have to cut the paper neatly without making a mistake or that we need to be sure to take our time and color between the lines. “That’ll look the best”, we were told and we were compared to others in our class who appeared much better and more skilled than us.

But that’s one skill. One small area of expertise. In a vacuum, sure, maybe that’s relevant but we shouldn’t crush our confidence over something so meaningless.

We are great at a lot of things and if we aren’t great then maybe we try hard and enjoy the chance of improving. We don’t have to be an expert, a guru, or savants just to take on a specific project.

That’s the fun of it altogether. Messing up. Trying and crumpling up the paper. Not caring if it takes another try.

That’s when this magic of two colliding things happens. There is this thing that many before us have completed, accomplished, and tackled in their own way. Now we get to come in, with our unique perspective and experience on it all and create something incredibly different.

It may not even be recognizable and that’s quite alright. That’s when we create things that are truly original.

But we won’t know until we try. And we have to get out of our head that it needs to be some level of perfection.

It doesn’t.

It just needs to be you.

That’s a great place to start.

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Documenting the journey can be extremely powerful because it allows us to capture the full breadth of what actually happened and underscores the value of trying and failing serendipitous moments, and creating something from nothing. 

We can’t just cherrypick the best moments and call it a great life. What we miss when we only highlight the wins or post picture number 27 when we finally got the perfect angle are all those in-between awkward times when we didn’t feel great or didn’t think we were good enough. We need the bad moments, the silly moments, the random moments. We need all of it to know where we’ve been and who we are.

We can be proud we believed in our purpose and knew that it had to be shared. That’s when we are at our happiest. When our authentic selves get to shine through and we are naked to the world. Those are the moments that count. Those are the moments that actually help us grow.

Progress was shared. Not a glimpse of a “perfect” life. 

That’s what we should all strive for. Letting the world know where we are different, how we think about things, and how others can use our lessons to help navigate their own journey. 

Without it, the story has a lot of holes and is incomplete. 

Without it, it’s not much of a story, is it?

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