First Person Narrative

Get out of the game of “everyone else”

Everyone else appears to be getting lucky breaks.

Everyone else appears to be getting traction.

Everyone else appears to be productive.

Everyone else appears to be happy.

Who cares what everyone else appears to have? The important word is “appears” because we are making stories up in our heads of what we think is going on. We can’t be certain it is true.

We are playing the victim so we don’t have to take accountability.

We could easily replace it with phrasing like, “Everyone else doesn’t have ______ “ or “I’m fortunate I have ______”.

We become what we think about.

The longer we create a narrative with us as the victim our mindset skews negative. The deeper we fall into a dark hole of despair. The harder it is to come out of it.

It’s a slippery slope.

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We all have scars.

Some use them to remind themselves they are the victim.

Some use them to remind themselves they are strong and can endure anything that comes their way.

Our perspective and attitude are the compasses that’ll take us in one of two directions.

The question is, which path is going to serve us the most?


Class In Session

I’ve been fired.
I’ve been bullied.
I’ve been injured.
I’ve been rejected.
I’ve been divorced.
I’ve been cheated on.
I’ve been broken up with.
I’ve been made a laughing stock.
I’ve been cast aside countless times.
I’ve been physically and verbally abused.

But most of all I’ve been resilient.

Life is not about how we handle the best moments but our attitude when we encounter the worst.

Pain becomes life’s greatest teacher we just never know when class will be in session.

Class In Session2022-12-10T17:19:26-04:00


Learn to recognize the patterns in a conversation and anticipate where it is headed.

Have we been here before and does it sound/feel similar? If so, how did it end before?

Like a bad movie sequel, the same storyline generally plays out with a worse ending.

If it’s heading down a bad path with an argument almost assured to be involved, disengage, or find an alternative path.

Do not put fuel on the fire.

Oftentimes, our ego can get in the way of solving the conflict by needing to be right. It’s okay to lose a battle if it means we never go to war.

The only way to change our thinking is to remove our ego and figure out the best way forward, even if that means it is not in our best interest at the time.

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