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Here’s a test: Ready?

“Don’t think about an elephant.”

But, you did, didn’t you?

When we don’t want to think about something, inevitably our attention turns to it.

Our minds are weird in this way.

→ So, let’s use that as an advantage.

Focus the attention away from the challenge.

Repositioning our thoughts in a positive light makes the obstacle easier to navigate.

As an example, something I’ve learned from Jesse Itzler, when you start getting tired repeat to yourself “I don’t get tired.” 

It’s amazing what happens. You’ll have to try it.

You convince yourself you don’t get tired.

It turns out not to be as bad as you think.

→ It’s only bad because you are thinking it’s bad.

Our mind is an incredible deflector if we give ourselves the opportunity to focus on something else.

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Is it about the eyeballs or the impact?

If we are looking for traction, we have to be careful with what sort of traction we are receiving.

It feels nice to get likes and comments. New followers make us feel like we are moving in the right direction.

But we have to be careful we don’t go down a slippery slope merely to get more eyeballs.

We have to wonder if those are the eyeballs we want.

Are they going to move the needle toward the impact we want to make or is the algorithm working in our favor this time?

If we’re not careful it becomes a constant loop of seeking attention. The hamster wheel doesn’t stop. We get burned out.

Instead, put together the work that makes us proud of the achievement even if there isn’t a crowd initially.

It’s not about quick wins, it’s about long-term stability and growth.

The right eyeballs show up because of consistency and creativity.

We are believable. We are in it for the long haul. Our mission is much bigger than ourselves.

We’re there to make an impact even if we don’t always get to see who it is impacting.


When Was The Last Time You Quit?


When was the last time you quit something?

Like realized it wasn’t fitting into your life and just quit it.

We all want to do more. Workout more. Make a few more calls. Spend more time with family. If you’re not doing more its said that you are falling behind or missing out.

But at what cost?

When was the last time we prioritized our day/week and analyzed the things that are distractions versus the things that are actually helping us grow or are important to us?

I believe this is one of the most ultimate struggles we have inside ourselves. We want to do everything and be everywhere. We stretch ourselves too thin.

Whether it’s wasted activities that are “time robbers” or giving our time to others who simply don’t respect it, there are a lot of applications to this question.

Something I’ve continued to ponder when it comes to prioritizing my time and efforts because I was doing so many things at surface level and feeling like I was just treading water. It wasn’t until I realized that I needed to go deeper into only a few of them and “quit” the others that I started to gain momentum.

By the way, it wasn’t easy, nothing ever is.

So, Here is how I prioritize some things now…

  1. My son
  2. Sleep
  3. Crossfit/Fitness
  4. Nutrition
  5. Full-Time Job
  6. Podcast/Children’s Books

And the list goes on….

There are a lot of balls to juggle and only so much time available. So let’s take a step back so I can share a bit more of how I found time.

For the longest time, my Sundays were filled with NFL Football all day long. As a huge 49ers fan (still disappointed in our Super Bowl loss!) I never missed a game. And I didn’t miss others, either. I played fantasy football, used to bet on games, and wanted to “enjoy” my Sunday. And that’s fine if you choose to do this. But for me, it wasn’t cutting it.

My son was growing, and it was a priority to be there with him and for him.

I started the Just Get Started Podcast and wanted to spend time editing it for the following week.

I also had business ideas I wanted to work on and test out.

And I was getting into CrossFit and had lofty goals of strength and weight gains.

Oh, and another HUGE priority of mine is sleep. I am a firm believer in all of the sleep research out there that you need a minimum of 7 hours per night of actual sleep, not just laying in bed.

So when I started to add it all up it made sense. Remove as much of the Sports/TV that I could while still allowing myself enough to satisfy those “cravings”. And that’s what I did. I only watched my 49ers and occasionally a game or two here and there if they were on a bye or played the primetime game. I also took out almost all TV watching during the week and spend that time with my son before bed and then work on some projects after.

As I’ve built this habit, it’s been amazing how I’ve trimmed even further without even noticing. I don’t have the NFL Sunday Ticket not so I can only watch my 49ers when they are on Primetime slots. I have taken out almost all weekly TV watching as well besides catching a few shows I like to watch like Shark Tank or Westworld. Since these are streamed, I can watch whenever I want so I am in more control.

Again, you may decide to do something different but it first starts with your priority list. What is most important in your life to focus on. Do those things first and if you are running into trouble with time available then you have to look farther down the list to what you are doing that is causing the problem. Although it may be fun or cool to do, you may have to make the sacrifice because, in order to grow and evolve and be fulfilled, you have to be focusing on the things that are most important.

Figure that out and I am confident you’ll free up a lot of wasted time and be much happier each and every day.

Carpe Diem,


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