Transformation is not made on a whim.

It is the culmination of months and years of deliberate work.

→ A journal prompt here.

→ A therapy session there.

Some days I feel like shit. 

I can ponder why or I can avoid it.

Some days I feel insanely happy. 

I can ponder why or I can avoid it.

Some days of curiosity turn into many days of personal growth.

The person you’ve become isn’t the person you once were.

You’ve transformed into someone with more empathy, kindness, perspective, and bravery than you ever imagined you could.

It didn’t happen overnight.

It wasn’t a spark. 

You had to light a match one day but keep the fire burning through the storm.

It wasn’t easy.

But, looking back.

It was worth every ounce of energy you poured onto the fire to keep it going.


Comfort Control

We work our entire lives to live more comfortably.

→ We want a lifestyle free of stress and anxiety.

→ We want to be pampered and protected.

→ We want it better than our parents had it.

  • Climate-controlled housing
  • Massages and manicures
  • Alarm systems
  • Heated seats

It all feels good. 

Ironically, it doesn’t nourish us.

For that, we need discomfort and uncertainty. Sometimes that comes with pain. We need to visit a place we rarely go to get to a place of growth we’ve never been to.

In the deep work, we build a level of connection and confidence within ourselves and the world around us.

It’s in these moments of discomfort that we are our true selves.

We seek comfort but we yearn for growth.

These fall at opposite ends of the spectrum but are vital to balance our lives.

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Joe Hudson


EPISODE 406: Founder of Art of Accomplishment

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Episode 406 features Joe Hudson, a sought after executive coach and creator of The Art of Accomplishment, an online learning platform for personal development.

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About Joe:

Joe Hudson is a sought after executive coach and creator of The Art of Accomplishment, an online learning platform for personal development. As a venture capitalist Joe found that the most rewarding aspect, and the part he was most successful at, was the mentorship and coaching of the leadership of his portfolio companies. This insight moved him to his present role as a coach, business consultant and teacher.

He now coaches 12 CEOs and leaders in prominent companies and runs transformative programs for both individuals and businesses. He is practicing a craft that makes big, lasting, and overwhelmingly positive impacts on the lives of people in his programs and in the companies he works with.


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Everybody Knows The Rules

One bite.

That’s the rule in my house.

When my son was younger he’d cringe at the sign of eating anything that didn’t look like candy and chips.

If it had what appeared to be an ounce of healthy benefit there’d be a tantrum about how he didn’t like it.

But the thing is, he never tried it.

How did he know?

He didn’t. He has created a story in his head just like we all do.

Something looks different, scary, or unknown.

We avoid it like the plague.

So that’s why we added a rule that we agreed upon together.

I won’t force him to eat anything he doesn’t like but he has to try at least one bite.

He’s venturing into uncharted waters but knows he has a lifeboat if he needs it.

He has a chance to explore and discover with minimal risk.

→ The Lesson ←

When you’re trying to start something, maybe the reason you’re struggling is the goal is too big.

Start small. Take one bite. See if you even like it first.

And then go forward based on the knowledge you acquire.

Then do it again tomorrow.

We don’t fear “the thing” as much as we fear the unknown that “the thing” may bring.

Take out the risk.

You might find more things you enjoy after all.

Everybody Knows The Rules2024-01-14T17:11:20-04:00

Gift Basket

We become incredibly free when we discover that nobody cares about us as much as they care about themselves.

It allows us to come out of our safe space and start living the life we want. 

We can take agency over our decisions without worrying about what others think.

Nobody is watching.

It’s the greatest gift we could receive.

Gift Basket2024-01-14T10:44:15-04:00

Blame Game

We can blame social media, our phones, and the array of streaming platforms that exist.

But, It’s not the tool, it’s the operator.

Distractions have always existed.

When do we blame ourselves?

Blame Game2023-11-20T07:32:45-04:00
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Chris Tuff


EPISODE 242: National Bestselling Author of “The Millennial Whisperer” and “Save Your Asks”

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Episode 242 features Chris Tuff, a National Bestselling Author of “The Millennial Whisperer” and “Save Your Asks”

His new book “Save Your Asks” can be found here:

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About Chris:

Chris Tuff was one of the first advertisers to work directly with Mark Zuckerberg in 2006 and filmed one of the first “viral” videos, which landed him on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Tuff’s natural ability to connect with his nearly 80% millennial and Gen Z workforce led him to publish the national bestselling The Millennial Whisperer in 2019. A global movement soon followed as the Atlanta resident shared lessons on empathy and genuine connection at work on some of the largest stages in the world including such Fortune 100 companies as Nike.


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No Good Very Bad Day

Some days are not our best. We get tired, stressed, and don’t always have it together.

It happens.

When it happens we have to recognize that it’s only short-lived and we’ll get back to normal soon enough. Recognizing that this is the ebb and flow of life can help us stay positive and not get too down on our poor performance or circumstance as we realize we can get back to our normal self tomorrow.

However, if it becomes more of a consistent pattern then we need to analyze the root cause.

Have we changed our sleep patterns?
Are we eating differently?
Have we changed our exercise?
Are we stressing or worrying over something?

Inevitably we’ll go through spouts that knock us off our normal routine and it’s recognizing this early that’ll help expedite a solution and start working toward that better direction.

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask yourself these types of tough questions. Although we may not like to admit the correct answers all the time it’ll be worthwhile to our long-term mental state and help us get out of the rut much sooner.

No Good Very Bad Day2021-06-23T21:58:43-04:00

When Was The Last Time You Quit?


When was the last time you quit something?

Like realized it wasn’t fitting into your life and just quit it.

We all want to do more. Workout more. Make a few more calls. Spend more time with family. If you’re not doing more its said that you are falling behind or missing out.

But at what cost?

When was the last time we prioritized our day/week and analyzed the things that are distractions versus the things that are actually helping us grow or are important to us?

I believe this is one of the most ultimate struggles we have inside ourselves. We want to do everything and be everywhere. We stretch ourselves too thin.

Whether it’s wasted activities that are “time robbers” or giving our time to others who simply don’t respect it, there are a lot of applications to this question.

Something I’ve continued to ponder when it comes to prioritizing my time and efforts because I was doing so many things at surface level and feeling like I was just treading water. It wasn’t until I realized that I needed to go deeper into only a few of them and “quit” the others that I started to gain momentum.

By the way, it wasn’t easy, nothing ever is.

So, Here is how I prioritize some things now…

  1. My son
  2. Sleep
  3. Crossfit/Fitness
  4. Nutrition
  5. Full-Time Job
  6. Podcast/Children’s Books

And the list goes on….

There are a lot of balls to juggle and only so much time available. So let’s take a step back so I can share a bit more of how I found time.

For the longest time, my Sundays were filled with NFL Football all day long. As a huge 49ers fan (still disappointed in our Super Bowl loss!) I never missed a game. And I didn’t miss others, either. I played fantasy football, used to bet on games, and wanted to “enjoy” my Sunday. And that’s fine if you choose to do this. But for me, it wasn’t cutting it.

My son was growing, and it was a priority to be there with him and for him.

I started the Just Get Started Podcast and wanted to spend time editing it for the following week.

I also had business ideas I wanted to work on and test out.

And I was getting into CrossFit and had lofty goals of strength and weight gains.

Oh, and another HUGE priority of mine is sleep. I am a firm believer in all of the sleep research out there that you need a minimum of 7 hours per night of actual sleep, not just laying in bed.

So when I started to add it all up it made sense. Remove as much of the Sports/TV that I could while still allowing myself enough to satisfy those “cravings”. And that’s what I did. I only watched my 49ers and occasionally a game or two here and there if they were on a bye or played the primetime game. I also took out almost all TV watching during the week and spend that time with my son before bed and then work on some projects after.

As I’ve built this habit, it’s been amazing how I’ve trimmed even further without even noticing. I don’t have the NFL Sunday Ticket not so I can only watch my 49ers when they are on Primetime slots. I have taken out almost all weekly TV watching as well besides catching a few shows I like to watch like Shark Tank or Westworld. Since these are streamed, I can watch whenever I want so I am in more control.

Again, you may decide to do something different but it first starts with your priority list. What is most important in your life to focus on. Do those things first and if you are running into trouble with time available then you have to look farther down the list to what you are doing that is causing the problem. Although it may be fun or cool to do, you may have to make the sacrifice because, in order to grow and evolve and be fulfilled, you have to be focusing on the things that are most important.

Figure that out and I am confident you’ll free up a lot of wasted time and be much happier each and every day.

Carpe Diem,


When Was The Last Time You Quit?2021-03-19T10:42:27-04:00

The Writing On The Wall


We all need an “Accountability Mirror” to look ourselves straight in the face and force us to deal with our shit, whatever that happens to be at the time.

That mirror for me happens to be my bathroom mirror. I get to glance in it many times a day and it offers up a lot of brutal honesty especially when I’m down on myself. 

But I’ve added a layer to it that has helped me get through the troubled times when my confidence is starting to lack and the “Imposter Syndrome” rears its ugly head.  I’ve added words in the form of questions.

I’ve written these two questions in dry erase marker that I have no choice but to look at every time I’m in there.

Question #1: Why can’t it be you?

I get down on myself a lot. Most of it stems from my childhood, but that story is for another day, and some of it is that I’m just a “late bloomer” and although I’ve had a ton of experiences and learning lessons along the way, I have to continue to kick myself to believe that I alone can make an impact in the world. Even though my mission is clear I still tend to question myself every once in a while.  

This question kicks me in the pants and “gets in my face” about why anyone else would be better suited to tackle the mission and change the world than I would. It pushes me away from the comfort zone and reassures me that although there are a lot of unknowns, on the other side of fear is the fulfillment I’ve been looking for. Keep moving forward

Question #2: Why am I here?

This question came from reading (listening to the audiobook) of “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. He was on the beach at the Naval Base in Coronado where they ran through the infamous “Hell Week” of Navy Seal Training. Goggins went through three of them.  As he faced physical exhaustion and his mental fatigue was on the edge as well he muttered this question to himself, “Why I am here?”. He recounts many times throughout his journey after that where he uses this question to check himself and remind himself how far he has come and why he made all the sacrifices to get to this point. He certainly puts in more eloquently.

I use this question to pull me back into reality when I start reverting back to old habits or old ways of old thinking. Just because you’ve accomplished certain things, physically or mentally, doesn’t mean the demons can’t come back. They will and you never know when they will show up. This question is a constant reminder of what I am trying to accomplish and all of the struggles I’ve gone through to get to this point.  There is a reason I am here and it’s because I’ve put in the time and effort and I can’t let a few moments of regression get me down.

These two questions have been a staple in my mirror for almost 12 months. I have no reason to take them down and I don’t want to. I want a reminder. I want the reflection looking back at me constantly. If motivation is on one level then regret is on a whole other tier above it. I certainly don’t want that so these questions check me at the door and help me stay focused on where I am going.

What do you use at motivation or the driving force to keep moving forward?

Please send me a note or message me on social and I’d love to hear!

Carpe Diem,


The Writing On The Wall2021-03-19T10:41:53-04:00

The Surprisingly Simple Way to Make Sure You Start In 2020


It’s a new year, a new decade, and a clean slate to get it all right this year. “This is going to be my year”, It seems is the type of thing we say to ourselves each orbit around the sun. Why will this year be any different? What have you learned in the past 12 months that will make you believe you can change?

We all have aspirations at one time or another to break outside of our comfort zones and explore new ideas or endeavors. Then fear sets in and the excuses start to flow on why we “Can’t” do it. Just like a butterfly that landed on your shoulder, it’s there for a second before the idea fleets from your mind. All too often, that isn’t the last time we think about it. It continues to pop up at random with no regard for the timing of it all and the longer it goes without being acted upon the fear generally turns into regret. A disappointment of what could have been. Arguably, one of the worst individual feelings one could have.

I have a hunch that as you are reading this there is something festering inside that you want to accomplish but for whatever reason, you haven’t taken the leap of faith yet. Whether it is the smallest action or the biggest idea we all know that overcoming the fear of starting can be quite challenging. Let’s try to get started on it before the chance of regret from not trying can even weasel its way in.

I think I have the key that will unlock that door for you. It might be quite literally the simplest action you can do but could end up being the hardest. Because it involves self-observation and accountability for your actions.

Think of all of the reasons or excuses you can come up with as to why you can’t get started. You can write them down or just think of a couple in your head. They probably seem legitimate and you may even be able to convince yourself there is some truth to them.

Now I’d like you to try something.

Simply change the “can’t” in the sentence to “won’t” and see how that sounds.

Here is an example:
I can’t go to the gym because I don’t have time.
I won’t go to the gym because I don’t have time.
Which one stings a bit more and why?

“Won’t” does sound a whole heck of a lot worse because it’s a choice. Can’t is final. Can’t has some boundaries. Can’t is a line in the sand that we are not able to cross.

But won’t, that’s a different story. That’s personal. That’s a direct reflection on you as a person, what you prioritize, and how you want to live your life. You are making the conscious decision to not do whatever it is you want to do. You are standing in the way of it happening. You are your own worse accountability partner.

This simple exercise on reflection can fundamentally change your perspective on what you are trying to accomplish and get you in the right frame of mind to accomplish it. I’m not saying it’ll work out every time and you may find instances where you confirm that this isn’t the right path. It’s okay if that is the outcome. However, most of the time, it will allow you to take a deeper look in the mirror and help you gain perspective on why you are scared to do this in the first place and what you would really lose (if anything) from trying.

We all have fear and doubt. We all overcomplicate things. We all worry about stupid shit that is ridiculous and mostly meaningless.
It is the perspective shift that is needed in order to overcome these obstacles and start moving forward. Please keep it simple and believe that you can do it. Once you alter your perspective and start improving your mindset it can open up a lot of doors you never imagined possible.

Now get out there and crush 2020!

The Surprisingly Simple Way to Make Sure You Start In 20202021-03-19T10:41:55-04:00
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