Navigating B2B Entrepreneurs to eliminate friction in the sales process

Client Testimonials

“Brian took the time to understand our current sales process and challenged us to get full clarity in the customer discovery process so that there was zero confusion when we sent a proposal. He helped us adjust our strategy from meeting cadence and learn from our body language and wording during sales conversations. Through Brian’s help, our team has immense clarity on what to do now with prospects.”

Bryan Wish, Founder / CEO, Arcbound

“Brian’s curiosity and ability to think outside of the box is contagious. After speaking with him over several sessions I found myself thinking bigger and in a way that was more authentically aligned with the vision I had for my life. Just getting started can be the hardest step of a journey but with Brian, it feels empowering.”

Jackie Sanders, Visual Artist / J Sanders Studio

Sales Team Consulting

As a growing company you might have a small sales team or are in the position to start hiring some people in the near future. Sales Team Consulting is an extension of 1:1 Consulting with the added benefit of “group think” and the collaboration that can happen when your team works together toward a greater mission.

Our focus during Sales Team consulting will be to use real-world examples when available (call recordings, current opportunities, etc) and work as a group to learn new ways to improve processes, uncover “red flags”, and become more knowledgeable in the industry and market your business serves.

We can also look to build repeatable processes and sales “playbooks” for reinforcement down the road or when new team members join. This way they are not starting from scratch, like most do, and can pull from the resources available to them.

What Can We Cover

(This is not an exhaustive list but things we might focus on throughout our time together are:)
  • Weekly Sales Group Calls
  • Client Call Reviews
  • Mock Client Calls
  • Creating a Sales Playbook
  • Pipeline Management
  • 1:1 Sessions with each Sales Professional

Trying to grow a sales team and help them become successful in the organization can be a tough task if they are siloed and aren’t feeding off of the energy of working as a team.

That’s where I know I can help but I want to make sure we are the right fit and jam well together. This has to be a win-win partnership for both of us.

If you’re open to it, let’s jump on a short 15-30 minute call to answer your questions and discuss how things would work if we partnered on this.

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