Navigating Solopreneurs & Start-up Founders To Eliminate Friction In Their Sales Process

Client Testimonials

“Brian took the time to understand our current sales process and challenged us to get full clarity in the customer discovery process so that there was zero confusion when we sent a proposal. He helped us adjust our strategy from meeting cadence and learn from our body language and wording during sales conversations. Through Brian’s help, our team has immense clarity on what to do now with prospects.”

Bryan Wish, Founder / CEO, Arcbound

“Brian’s curiosity and ability to think outside of the box is contagious. After speaking with him over several sessions I found myself thinking bigger and in a way that was more authentically aligned with the vision I had for my life. Just getting started can be the hardest step of a journey but with Brian, it feels empowering.”

Jackie Sanders, Visual Artist / J Sanders Studio

Is Working Together Right For Us?

We might be a fit if you are a Solopreneur or Start-up Founder running a B2B business doing under $1 million in revenue as well as if…

  • You try to avoid sales at all costs due to fear of rejection
  • You’re not comfortable articulating the value of your product/service
  • You hesitate to talk about money and negotiate terms
  • You haven’t the first clue where to start with developing a sales process
  • You understand sales are necessary to grow but have a lot of preconceived notions
  • You have a different skill set but now have to focus on sales to have any chance of success
  • You’re looking to hire sales professionals but you’ve never done sales yourself and are unsure what to look for.

Your specific case may be different and I’d be happy to jump on an exploratory call to see if we meshed well!

Sales Consulting

As someone who has worked for multiple small startups and created my own business, I understand the challenges of an entrepreneur who is wearing many hats while trying to grow their business. That is why I’ve decided to focus on Entrepreneurs in the B2B space that are just getting started or early in their business. I realize that many entrepreneurs struggle with sales because they haven’t had to focus on this in the past. Yet, if you want to run your own business and grow it from nothing, oftentimes bootstrapping your dollars, you have to learn to sell. 

As Mark Cuban famously said, “Nothing happens until a sale is made.”

Having been in a selling role for 15+ years, I’ve developed a different perspective on sales than is normally taught out in the world. Frankly, and this may be controversial, sales “training” is normally dreadful, mundane, and often falls by the wayside shortly after you go through it. If you’ve been through any sales training you know what I mean.

The attempt is valiant, I’ll give it that, but it lacks something extremely important.

It lacks solving the actual problem. It only solves the symptom.

The Problem: I believe sales training is generally “blanket” advice that doesn’t apply to the majority of people. Sales are human and humans are all different. Secondly, it doesn’t get to the core of who each person is. Helping someone improve, say, building sales relationships does absolutely no good if we don’t understand how they do with relationship building in other areas of their life. You can’t be bad with your personal relationships and then all of a sudden become unbelievable when working with your clients. It doesn’t work this way.

The Solution: We have to go deeper and understand people at a deeper level. That is where the COMPASS Framework will help us as a guide on our journey together. We’ll have 1:1 guided sales practice, exercises, role plays, etc. You’ll be able to build confidence in your selling ability, shorten your sales cycles, build better client relationships, and have a “stable” of great references and referrals for long-term business growth.

I’ve found that almost anyone can benefit from the work we’ll do as long as there is a commitment to change. Sometimes that becomes the beginning part of the work to get to that point and realize there are a lot of opportunities to improve.

It all works together.

Some Results You Can Expect:

  • Strengthen Relationships

  • Improve Communication

  • Develop Habits/Routines

  • Articulate Value

  • Eliminate Fear of Rejection

  • Create Repeatable Systems

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