Dr. Russell Thackeray (Ep.65) – Founder & CEO, QED

August 8, 2019

Brilliant conversation on Episode 65 with Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Russell Thackeray. It was interesting to hear Russell’s perspective from many years working with individuals and organizations about where there are areas of improvement and where organizations need to put some more focus to improve their culture, trust with employees, and overall growth strategy to remain relevant and competitive in their market.

Some Topics covered are:

  • Being a professional musician
  • Switching careers
  • Mindset 
  • Organizational Feedback 
  • Having Professional conversations
  • and much more!

Find Russell Online:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/russellthackeray/

QED Website: https://qedod.com/

About Russell:

With more than 20 years of professional experience, U.K.-based Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Russell Thackeray has been assisting individuals and organizations to drive change and achieve their goals by building accountability and resilience. He is the Founder and CEO of QED – https://qedod.com/ – an Organizational Development Consultancy that helps organizations improve people performance and business value. He frequently works with “soft issues” in business by building strong cultures and the emotional and mental toughness that allows people to thrive. He has worked with a diverse range of companies and organizations in the U.S. and worldwide including Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, GKN, Asda, QinetiQ, The Guardian, major universities, as well as numerous private equity and venture capital firms. As a coach, trainer and speaker, Dr. Thackeray drives sustainable change by creating accountability through resilience techniques and other methods to help people at all levels succeed and live their “best life”.


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