The Bootstrappers Guide to Podcasting

In 2015, I decided that I wanted to start a Podcast and was excited to get it going and figure it all out. But like many things in life, fear and low self-confidence derailed that idea for almost 2 years. After continuing to develop better self-awareness and learn more about my weaknesses, I was able to overcome those fears and turn the negative thoughts into positive ones.

In late 2017, I finally started the “Just Get Started” Podcast! I named it Just Get Started because I knew there must be many people out there like me that didn’t know where to begin with their idea. I decided to make it an interview-style show and wanted to talk with Founders, Entrepreneurs, and people just going out and trying to achieve their passions.

I’ve enjoyed Podcasting so much over the past 2+ years and hope this book helps you get started on your own journey and you find a lot of joy in creating your own Podcast.  I wrote this book as a way to give back to others just as many have given back to me along this entire journey. I just want you to start on your journey to Podcasting and if this can help you in a small way then that’s all that matters.

Because of Amazon policies, the eBook is only available on there through Kindle, however, I have recorded an Audiobook version and if you’d like to listen to that for FREE, please go here -> Bootstrappers Guide To Podcasting Audiobook

Please send me your Podcast if you do end up starting and I’d love to listen and leave you a review.

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