Tisha Abrea (Ep.17) – Pro Golfer and Social Media Influencer

June 21, 2018

Episode 17 features Professional Golfer and Social Media Influencer Tisha Abrea.  I came across Tisha last year and was impressed with her personality and style to help promote her uniqueness and grow her brand online.  Besides her own brand (which she gives props to Paige Spiranac @_paige.renee for the push), she is working hard to bring the @womenwithdrive movement to light with her friend @nikkibgolf and promote the game to women of all ages.

As you’ll gather from our interview, Tisha has a tremendous personality and sense of humor and shares many stories of how she got into the game of golf, competing under pressure, advice to the younger athletes, and dancing…of course we discuss her dancing 🙂

I hope you all enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Tisha Abrea.

Tisha can be found online:

Her Website: http://tishaabrea.com/

Instagram: @tishaalyn

Twitter: @Tisha_All_In

About the Host:

It’s hard to write these things about yourself but I’m just a very curious guy that wants to learn as much as I can about the world and the people in it.  With a new found motivation many years ago to achieve certain goals and push beyond status quo, I wanted to speak with people that were breaking out of their comfort zones and try to capture how they were doing it and what insight could be shared to help others.  I hope you all will continue along on the journey with me and share any feedback you have.

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