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Episode 293 features the Founders of The Fit Mess, Jeremy Grater, and Zach Tucker.

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Zach Tucker resides in Albany, NY. Zach has a passion for helping people define and meet their wellness goals. He thinks that every person is different and there is no one size fits all solution for someone’s wellness. He is on a mission to share his story and some of the tools that helped him on his own wellness journey including losing over 100 pounds. Zach is certified to teach yoga and Insanity® Live.

Jeremy Grater lives in British Columbia. He’s spent the majority of the last decade experimenting with a variety of wellness tools to improve his mental health, lose 70 pounds and share what’s helped along the way. He’s also been in the broadcasting and podcasting business for about two decades. Jeremy is a certified REBT Mindset and Transformation Life Coach.

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