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Episode 207 brings back former guest and the Founder and CEO of the Conversationalist, Sophie Beren. We explore a lot of deep topics around difficult conversations and how to be more open to others’ viewpoints and ideas even if they don’t align with ours.

About Sophie:

Sophie Beren is a unifier from Wichita, Kansas. She is the Founder and CEO of The Conversationalist, a non-partisan educational platform empowering Gen Z to break out of their echo chambers, have difficult conversations, and unify the world. Her community of over 15,000 young people is committed to coming together, across differences, through “POVz” the first-ever Gen Z Talk Show airing in 2022, and through their digital network located on the Geneva app.

Sophie was recently named “25 Under 25” by Social Entrepreneur’s Magazine and “21 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021.” Her social impact journey began at The University of Pennsylvania where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Music, and her Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Leadership.

Sophie’s work, featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and even on a billboard in Times Square, has proven to be the antidote to the polarization we see in our country today. Beren will continue to unify the next generation, one conversation at a time.

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