EPISODE 363: CEO and Founder of Fit By Science Coaching

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Episode 363 features Sophia Tostenson, CEO and Founder of Fit By Science Coaching.

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About Sophia:

Sophia is an entrepreneur, former research scientist, and fitness and nutrition coach. Sophia earned her Ph.D. in Entomology from North Carolina State University. She spent years working as a research scientist and enjoyed countless hours with mosquitoes, fruit flies, and their DNA. She has a background in biology, genetic engineering, entomology, and chemistry and is a certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, and CrossFit L1 instructor.

Although Sophia loved her work as a research scientist, in 2021 she made the decision to leave the lab and couple her passion for science with her lifelong passion for exercise and nutrition and founded her own coaching business, Fit By Science.

As the founder and CEO of Fit By Science, Sophia has developed a coaching method that emphasizes the importance of sustainable small daily changes that will yield big results over time. With her clients, she focuses on the importance of prioritizing physical health which will in turn improve mental health and wellbeing. She does not believe in quick fixes, restrictive diets, or any program that suggests you should eliminate exercise or entire food groups to reach your goals.

During her PhD, Sophia would put together workout programming for herself and her office mates and they would head to the gym at the end of a long day in the lab and sweat, talk about failed experiments, and decompress together. The gym has always been a happy place for her and she is passionate about helping others to feel comfortable in the gym with exercise, especially weight training, and get over their gym fears or anxiety. She is helping others make small consistent daily changes that yield big results over time.

Sophia is learning month by month what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, achieve her wildest dreams, and guide her clients on their health and wellness journey to long-term success.


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