Scott Young (Ep.76) – Author, ULTRALEARNING

October 21, 2019

Had a fun time talking with Scott Young on Episode 76 of the Just Get Started Podcast about his journey to starting a blog and writing his book, ULTRALEARNING, along with some great insight to better help people learn more effectively.

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About Scott Young

I started writing this blog just before my 18th birthday, so in many ways, it has mirrored my own life as an adult. The blog started when I was very interested in behavior change, and you can see many articles about this obsession. Later I left for university and began considering socializing and productivity as topics to explore. Learning became an important topic, and eventually created the foundation for a full-time business I could run, selling courses to learners about the methods I’d uncovered. Finally, as I left school, the idea of continued self-mastery and career development interested me.Beyond writing, entrepreneurship and life philosophy, my interests include programming, travel, cooking and teaching myself anything I can.


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