Rich Keller (Ep.59) – Founder, S.C.O.R.E | Motivational Speaker

July 2, 2019

Episode 59 is on fire with Motivational Speaker and Personal Brand Guru, Rich Keller. Whoa nelly this is such a great episode! I got to hear Rich speak at the Next Gen Summit in New York and had to get him on the Podcast. Such an incredible positive dude and definitely the type of people that I love having on this Podcast and the people that I enjoy jamming with. Ya’ll are going to love this interview and get ready to take some serious notes!

Link to the Next Gen Summit website –

My past interview with Co-Founder Justin Lafazan –

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Rich also recommends a great book he calls his “Bible”.

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller

About Rich:



This is my core value…in ‘One Word’.


My Wharton MBA opened doors to the corporate world; being a risk-taker let me ditch it. I have the vision of a creative and the analytics of an executive—a rare combination of right-brain and left-brain that delivers results.


My cancer—then my wife’s—didn’t break me, it redirected me. Paying-it-forward, not an award or title, now defines my success. My Survivor buff symbolizes that triumph.


I energize and create a sense of direction and purpose for every life I touch. Inspiration is my middle name (fine, it’s Scott).


I spent 25 years snacking on Godiva chocolates, Chips Ahoy! cookies and Planters peanuts. Oh, and I crafted their identities, too. Now I’m hungry to help young adults uncover the power of their personal brands.


I bring people together to share experiences, connect thoughts, debate ideas and develop solutions. My energy (and bright t-shirts) light up a room.


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