Thanks for joining me on this journey! I started this podcast with the hopes to inspire and spark a flame inside all of those that are on the cusp of just getting started or need continuing insight and direction to further their life of fulfillment.

Just Get Started Podcast

Thanks for checking out the Just Get Started Podcast and I hope you get value out of each episode and guest I speak with on the show.  This passion project has been a phenomenal experience and it wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of the guests and the loyalty of the listeners.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to put this out and I appreciate any feedback to help me make it better as I go forward.

  • Ben Bradbury Profile Headshot

Ben Bradbury

Content Strategist | Podcast Host, Subject Matter

  • Alexa Curtis Profile Headshot

Alexa Curtis

Founder & CEO, Life Unfiltered with Alexa

  • Rob Volpe Profile Headshot

Rob Volpe

Founder & CEO, Ignite 360

  • Peter Kozodoy Profile Headshot

Peter Kozodoy

TEDx Speaker and Author of Honest to Greatness

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