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Episode 334 features Matt Thieleman, a Visionary, Transformational Coach, Speaker, Advisor, and Author of “This is Coaching” which launched on 4/4/2023

About the book:
This is Coaching was written to help you unlock your full potential as a coach. I wrote This Is Coaching to serve as your guidebook and an inspirational tool to help you become all you can be. It’s a blend of frameworks, conscious ranting, philosophy, poetry, illustration, and practical advice, all in one. With over seven years of experience in the art of coaching and unparalleled insight into the principles of success within this profession, I wrote This is Coaching to take you on a journey toward reaching your highest aspirations.

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About Matt:

Matt Thieleman is a Visionary. Transformational Coach. Speaker. Advisor. Author.

Matt works with leaders and change-makers to help them live into their purpose more fully, and bring their masterpieces to the world. He educates and trains coaches to be world-class in their field, and helps their clients reach their full potential.

Prior to becoming a coach, Matt was in the marketing world, working with clients in practically every industry imaginable. Having worked with companies such as Michigan Ross School of Business, Gannett, Parthenon Publishing, and others, Matt had a good look at how well-intentioned leadership not getting out of their own way was causing businesses harm.

Matt has been a leadership coach since 2016 and spent 2021 as CEO of Pilea, a coaching organization for venture-backed founders. After a year of intense growth and hard work, Matt turned his focus back to coaching and other soul-work he’s called to bring to the world. It’s simply a continuation of a lifelong mission to heal himself, help others heal, and lead others with authenticity.

-Founder of Golden Bristle
-TEDx Speaker on Mindful Leadership, “Why The World Needs Mindful Leaders”
-Sensei of Samurai Coaching Dojo
-Former CEO of Pilea


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